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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Melasma, also known as the pregnancy mask is not something you want to see in the mirror. I have had the privilege of having these dirty little spots on my face since I was 24. I was horrified when my doctor told me they would probably get worse during pregnancy. YIKES! I didn’t do anything the first trimester except cover heavily. My doctor said I could use Tri-Luma every other day once I was in my second trimester. If you do get melasma, talk with your doctor. If it doesn’t look like you have been playing in the dirt (meaning the spots aren’t that dark) then perhaps some of the over the counter products would work.

Weight Gain: This is probably the most dreaded thing about being pregnant. If you are not pregnant my advice is to try to get in to shape BEFORE you get pregnant. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and started Pilates about 2 years ago. I have been able to keep up my work outs. I am not one of these die hard women, if I can get a workout in great, if not O WELL! An awesome website for workouts is . This website allows you to view your choice of workouts for free. You can choose the type of workout and the amount of time. Sometimes all you need is a 15 minute workout to….say you worked out and feel good.

I did not get any crazy cravings so far during pregnancy. I am almost 30 weeks. I did eat apples more probably because they were in season in the fall. Make smart choices when eating. Watch your portion sizes and sodium intake. Remember everything you eat your baby eats too!

I haven't had any problems with swelling...yet but will keep you posted. Hopefully, I won't have any problems. I am drinking a lot of water and watching my sodium intake.
If you have any comments about any of these topics please let us know.

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