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Thursday, February 18, 2010


I recently saw an advertisement for a new movie called “The Crazies”. I am not sure what this movie is about, but I am guessing everyone in it has been given a heavy dose of estrogen. Hormones are bad enough in everyday life. The vicious 28 day cycle that women go through for the majority of their life that makes us “CRAZY”, can complicate our life. Men think that PMS is just an excuse for us to act like a total madwoman (I could use another word here but I am trying to keep this PG). Hormones are very powerful chemicals, estrogen especially. They can make you do things that normally you would never do. It is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or in this case Mrs. Hyde. 

You wake up one morning thinking today will be a normal day. Then you find yourself growing increasingly impatient with the person at the Starbucks counter because, they are taking too long with your double non-fat chai latte. It progresses from there, cars won’t move out of your way on the road, everybody is stupid and no one can do things the way you want or need them done. Around lunch time you are starving and need a bacon cheese burger, large fry and milk shake. After you eat you really need a nap, because you have a sudden case of narcolepsy. The day continues you are irritated, anxious, and perturbed. Later, when you are about to blow a gasket, and everyone has been warned to stay away from you; you lose complete control and start to cry for no reason. 

Now, take that and multiply it by one million and you have the emotions of a pregnant woman. Not all pregnant women will have the hormonal mood swings that go from considering murder to crying over a commercial. However, at some point you will get emotional. There are some things that I have done and said during my pregnancy that I look back on and think; only a crazy person would have done that. Well, I’m guilty…. and my plea is temporary insanity. Premenstrual syndrome can actually be used as a criminal defense (don’t get any ideas ladies). That fact should tell you how strong these hormones are. Hopefully, if you are very emotional you have people around you that are understanding (or at least know to leave you alone).

The bottom line is at some point we as people (yes men too) are crazy sometimes. At least women have something to blame it on. So what is your excuse men?

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