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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maternity Clothes

One of the items you will definitely need throughout your pregnancy is maternity clothes. Some women look forward to wearing maternity clothes and some women don’t. I am the latter. I was never one to get on the baby doll tops and dresses fashion train. I felt like the tighter the better. So here I am sporting a big belly and LOVING the elastic waist band. Unless you are hoping for a reality show on the Discovery channel, this may be your only child. So before you go out and spend money on expensive maternity clothes here are some suggestions especially if you are on a budget like me.

The friends that have taken the leap into motherhood that I mentioned in an earlier blog, USE THEM. Hopefully, you have a friend that is somewhat your size that will give you all of her maternity clothes. With any luck your friend will have exceptional taste in clothes and you will be all set.

In the event that you find yourself with maternity hammy downs from the 80’s, that aren’t very flattering, check ebay. Many women will sell maternity clothes in bulk based on size. The ones that I looked at had good description and photos. The price is also good considering what all you get. The only downfall is that the majority of the sellers will not accept returns so be sure of your size.

SALES! All women love sales. When you go to a maternity store (such as Motherhood) go all the way to the back of the store and check out the sales racks. Also, many department stores have maternity sections. Target, GAP, JcPenny are just a few. If you look you will find great deals.

If you are a career mommy to be, get creative. Work with what you have. Buy simple colors in maternity size and accessorize with other pieces in your wardrobe. Don’t feel badly for wearing the same pants over and over, as long as you change your panties ; )

For those of you who did get on the baby doll fashion train, perhaps you can wear your regular clothes. You can also buy some regular tops in a larger size.

Finally, here are my top must haves during pregnancy. First get a good bra. Second get a maternity jogging suit. My friend Laura Croft gave me one and I swear I live in that thing! It is the best. Also, if you are will be pregnant during the winter months get turtlenecks or long sleeve shirts and put them underneath any of your sleeveless or short sleeve shirts. I bought some plain long sleeve cotton shirts in a larger size which have been a life saver. Get a nice pair of black maternity pants for work and evening as well as a stretchy pair for during the day. A good pair of maternity jeans are also awesome to have but I only suggest buying one pair.  (Do the rubber band trick on your old jeans as long as you can) Finally, a simple black dress that can be dressed up or dressed down is a must have.

By the end you will be living in a mumu anyway, and vowing not to wear any of those clothes again. Then 3 months later, when you still feel pregnant, are sleep deprived and have lactated on everything else, those clothes will be the only thing that feels comfortable!

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