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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Showers (not the kind with hot water)

Baby showers have been traced back to ancient Egyptian and Greek times.  (Although, they probably did not pass around diapers filled with melted chocolate candy.)  Most likely they welcomed the baby with gifts during birth.  Anyway, my fabulous General Council threw me a baby shower this past weekend.  I have gone to many baby showers in the past, but there is something different when it is your own.  I realized why men never want to be a part of these festivities, a bunch of cackling women talking about men and babies.  I think the most awkward part is opening presents in front of everyone.  It is like a Christmas morning just for you.  The only problem for me was as I opened each gift I was thinking… what do I do with that again?????  Then you have to comment on each gift and blurting out “What is this?” is not common practice. 
My shower started with mimosas (none for me….okay maybe one but it was mostly OJ), a variety of food, and conversations between old friends that had not seen each other in years.  Then we moved on to games, filling in nursery rhymes and guessing the melted chocolate candy in the diaper.
Funny story….Sophia was melting a Reese Cup in Claire’s brand new microwave.  We were all standing around chit chatting when we looked up and the diaper was on FIRE!  Someone yelled “OH S&*# !” literately and figuratively (ok not completely literal but you get the idea).  We managed to put the fire out, and I almost wet my pants laughing.
After the games I proceeded to open gifts and later we had cake.  It was lovely.  For those of you who attended thank you so much for your kindness and to my General Council, I love ya!  You are such great friends. 

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