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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moments of Desperation

I never thought I would actually see my due date.  I thought for sure I would go into labor 2 weeks early.  Again, I realized that God does have a sense of humor and is making me wait.  My mother says I am being taught a lesson in patience.  Well, I am ready for this lesson to be over.  I have actually considered that I was completely wrong on my date of my last period, which would explain how I got into this situation, and why I am not in labor yet.  Perhaps, she is not due until next week anyway?    
I understand now why women have drunk bottles of Castor Oil in moments of desperation to induce their labor, knowing the consequences.  Friday, in my own desperate attempt I went out and got the spiciest chicken curry I have ever eaten.  The man at the restaurant laughed when I told him what I wanted it for.  When asking me how spicy I wanted the curry he said, “You want to have baby tonight or tomorrow?” I said, “I want to have baby right now!”  The curry did not do anything but open my sinuses, and cause my butt to be on fire the next day. 
Saturday, since the weather was beautiful, I decided that some yard work might help push things along.  So I mowed the grass, weeded flower beds, re-potted plants, raked and cleaned my pool……NOTHING.  After all that I went for a nice walk and returned home to prop my swollen feet up.  My sweet sister even gave me an acupressure foot massage to try to stimulate contractions. 
Sunday and Monday I walked and walked.  I have eaten pineapple, kiwi, mangos, the spicy curry (I won’t forget about that one) and have contemplated Castor Oil (although not that desperate…….yet).  Monday night was a full moon and there have been rumors that full moons help stimulate labor.  Not mine.  On the bright side of that, she must not be a werewolf. 
My doctor told me yesterday that the only thing that would help induce labor is what got me into this situation……SEX, my response was HA!  That is out of the question. 
So I wait, patiently and pray that she will be here soon with a bottle of Castor Oil in my cabinet.

Friday, March 26, 2010

It just Hit Me!

I went to the doctor today. She told me everything looked the same. The baby had dropped a bit, but I wasn’t dilated more than 1cmm. The heart beat was good and other than me having some swelling, we both were doing fine. Then my doctor proceeds to tell me that she could induce me on Tuesday, if I wanted. I sat there for a moment and thought; I could be a mommy on Tuesday?!?!?!?! The reality of it hit me all at once and suddenly I wanted to be some place dark and quite (preferably with a cocktail). Be a mommy on Tuesday. WOW! I know some people like the convenience of inducing labor, but I wanted it all to happen naturally. This takes out the surprise element of my water breaking in Target. I would like her out though……. So what to do? I am not sure, but all of a sudden I realize in a matter of days my life will NEVER be the same again. 

Maybe she could cook a little longer?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

39 Weeks and Counting

39 weeks.  I have gone from counting down weeks to counting down days.  I mentioned in my last blog that the last 2 weeks of pregnancy are the worst, and I was right!  The anticipation of the arrival is killing me.  I feel like screaming COME OUT ALREADY!!!!!!  I can’t sleep; I don’t want to eat because my stomach is being compressed, my feet are starting to swell, I’m bored and my body feels like I have been beaten with a bag of oranges!  Did I mention that when I sit down my belly sticks to my thighs?  Or that I have to sit like a man on the edge of the seat with my legs apart.  I can’t breathe, I’m hot then I’m cold, the list could continue but what’s the use? 
I am ready.  My bags are packed, her bags are packed, my mom has clothes at my house ready to go, the car seat is installed, all the baby clothes and blankets have been washed, my house is clean, my yard is cut, what else is there for me to do?  Yesterday, I even cleaned out my closet and put away the winter clothes and got out the summer clothes. 
So here I am, just waiting, hoping that one of the sensations that I feel will turn into a contraction.  At this point Castrol Oil is looking mighty appealing!
If you have a minute check this out.  Ordinary Day 
I am not even a mom yet and was sobbing at the end of it.  After watching it I was reminded to enjoy every moment of everyday.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine

Be sure to pick up the April edition of Pregnancy and Newborn magazine on which I am on the cover!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

38 Weeks!

Oh Yeah, I am ready to POP!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Inducing Labor the Natural Way

If you have ever been told that pregnancy last 9 months, you have been lied to. Pregnancy last 10 months! There is a reason that that you not told about this last month, because you are miserable. The first 2 weeks of your last month may not be that bad, it’s the last 2 that get you. I am almost at 38 weeks and am getting a taste of things to come. 

I shouldn’t complain because so far my pregnancy has been great (with the exception of a few issues, but nothing terrible). Lately, I am extremely tired. I am tired because I wake up in the middle of the night with a foot kicking my ribcage. I fall back asleep and later wake up with a head on my bladder. I know what you are thinking…this is good it will prepare me for when the baby comes home, I say that’s crap, and I need sleep. On the bright side, I can still sleep in my bed on my side. I have heard of some women who start sleeping on the couch during their last month of pregnancy. I could continue with a list of complaints but where would that get me?

So what can you do about it? You do a Google search of, “how to go into labor early”. There are many suggestions of old wives tales, and here are some of my favorite. Take a hot bath and relax. The relaxing is supposed to help the baby get into position better. Meditate and visualize the birth of your baby. When I do this I end up scaring myself and am tenser than when I started. Another suggestion is to go for a walk. This makes sense because standing up and active movement put pressure on the cervix. I have been walking almost every day. Just don’t do like I have done and go for a walk without your cell phone. That wouldn’t be good for your water to break in some stranger’s yard and all you can do is yell for help. Everyone has heard this, have sex. Sex stimulates hormones and helps thin out the cervix. Unfortunately, for me my baby daddy is not around so the sex option is out of the question. Unless, I could make a phone call to….. I am totally kidding. This last one is my favorite, drink Castor oil. I don’t know how or why this is supposed to work but some women swear by it. I am going to steer clear of drinking it because it would be my luck that I would go into labor and the Castor oil would hit me when they put my feet up in the stirrups. Clean up in room 12!

If you have any suggestions or comments please let me know. I am not desperate…..yet!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


If you are afraid that you might forget your child’s name and want everything they have monogrammed with their initials and or name check out my friend Karla’s website Or
Karla is very talented and does more than just monogramming.  She can sew just about anything and on those anythings she can put whatever you would like on them.  Check it out!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Preparation Classes

If you are pregnant or become pregnant (that sounds like a pharmaceutical ad) and this is your first pregnancy, most likely classes like child birth, nursing, infant CPR and postpartum care will be offered to you. These classes don’t sound nearly as fun as sitting at home and watching “American Idol”, but they are definitely worth it. Last night I finished up a 4 week birthing class which was very informative. We (the attendees of the class and I) learned about what to expect when going in to labor, how to time contractions, how to tell if your water breaks and when to panic. We also learned about hospital protocol, what to expect while in the hospital and what to expect when we go home. We got a tour of the nursery, postpartum rooms and oh yes even the delivery room. Ladies, if you think the stirrups at your doctor’s office are bad….you ain’t seen nothing yet! Not to mention they have spotlights that shine right on your whooha. My instructor made a good point about those lights, “you would rather your doctor be able to see everything than make a mistake…right?” Good Point! Shine away! 
Even if you think you have watched enough “Baby Stories” to be prepared you may want to consider attending one of these classes. I am sure you don’t know everything and they may answer some questions you may have. The most difficult part for me was going alone because I was the only single person in attendance. Thank goodness for good ole Mom who came with me the last two classes. After all, in my case she is the one who will be with me during delivery along with my sister who will be singing, “push her out, shove her out, way out.” 

Bill Cosby's take on Natural Childbirth 

Also, if you are planning on nursing, I strongly recommend taking a nursing class. These classes show you how to hold the baby while nursing, the appropriate way for the baby to latch on, and the benefits of nursing. I don’t think it is necessary for your partner to come to this one. I am sure he will be relieved not to. 

Check with your doctor to find out when these classes are available and make sure you make arrangements to attend in plenty of time before your due date.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Home Stretch

So here I am embarking on my 37th week.  I went to the doctor this past Friday (I am on the once a week schedule now) and my baby weighs approximately 6lbs. 6oz, give or take a pound.  GIVE OR TAKE A POUND?!?!?!?!  What?  I really freaked out when I was told that she would probably gain a half pound a week.  Where I am going to put that?  I want to do natural child birth but an epidural is sounding mighty nice as her weight increases.  It is bad enough that my family and friends laugh at my “waddle” and I can’t tie my shoes anymore.  At least she is healthy and if she comes early she would be ok.  Right?  I must admit this going to the doctor once a week is for the birds.  Who wants to hear, “You’ve gained 5lbs this week?”…..not me, but here I am!
Knowing this, it could be any day that I go into labor.  This is like waiting for Christmas and preparing for a car accident all at once.  On the one hand you are filled with anticipation, excitement and joy.  On the other hand (unless you have a scheduled delivery) you are scared to death wondering when it will hit you.  My luck I will be alone, in Target looking at the calories in Oreo’s, far from my hospital and my water would break.  Clean up on isle 12!  Then what?  Apparently, it is not like in the movies and you don’t immediately feel the need to lay on the floor and push.  Well, let’s hope not.
My nursery is completed, the car seat is installed, and a bottle of wine is chilling (oh wait wrong occasion).  I am ready whenever she is.  The only thing left to do is pack our bag for the hospital.  My question here is what do you bring to the hospital when you are having a baby?  Based on advice from my General Council and my Mother, a nightgown.  That was the overall suggestion and something to bring the baby home in.  I was thinking my sequined top, black opened toed shoes and seven jeans, then I remembered this is not a weekend in Vegas (and the jeans don’t fit!)  So I will pack a nightgown, a nursing bra, some big ole granny panties, and some slippers.  I guess having a baby isn’t glamorous.  I am sure after pushing for hours, a pair of granny panties and slippers will be all I want.
I would like to thank you all for your continued support and prayers for me and my baby.  If I don’t post anything in a while it is most likely because I am doing a clean up on isle 12.  I will keep you posted. 


Monday, March 1, 2010

Turtles and Teapots

So, I had another baby shower yesterday, and I received the most precious beautiful gifts from everyone. One that stood out was a beautiful handmade bonnet with matching booties. The bonnet and booties were created using a stitch that was created by the woman who made them. They were inside a handmade diaper bag that had been monogrammed with a matching diaper wipe holder. The gift also included a dainty linen bib that had been cross stitched as well as a bear which is made out of an antique bedspread. These items are “Treasured Heirlooms”. If you need a special gift check out this website