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Thursday, March 25, 2010

39 Weeks and Counting

39 weeks.  I have gone from counting down weeks to counting down days.  I mentioned in my last blog that the last 2 weeks of pregnancy are the worst, and I was right!  The anticipation of the arrival is killing me.  I feel like screaming COME OUT ALREADY!!!!!!  I can’t sleep; I don’t want to eat because my stomach is being compressed, my feet are starting to swell, I’m bored and my body feels like I have been beaten with a bag of oranges!  Did I mention that when I sit down my belly sticks to my thighs?  Or that I have to sit like a man on the edge of the seat with my legs apart.  I can’t breathe, I’m hot then I’m cold, the list could continue but what’s the use? 
I am ready.  My bags are packed, her bags are packed, my mom has clothes at my house ready to go, the car seat is installed, all the baby clothes and blankets have been washed, my house is clean, my yard is cut, what else is there for me to do?  Yesterday, I even cleaned out my closet and put away the winter clothes and got out the summer clothes. 
So here I am, just waiting, hoping that one of the sensations that I feel will turn into a contraction.  At this point Castrol Oil is looking mighty appealing!
If you have a minute check this out.  Ordinary Day 
I am not even a mom yet and was sobbing at the end of it.  After watching it I was reminded to enjoy every moment of everyday.

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