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Monday, March 8, 2010

Home Stretch

So here I am embarking on my 37th week.  I went to the doctor this past Friday (I am on the once a week schedule now) and my baby weighs approximately 6lbs. 6oz, give or take a pound.  GIVE OR TAKE A POUND?!?!?!?!  What?  I really freaked out when I was told that she would probably gain a half pound a week.  Where I am going to put that?  I want to do natural child birth but an epidural is sounding mighty nice as her weight increases.  It is bad enough that my family and friends laugh at my “waddle” and I can’t tie my shoes anymore.  At least she is healthy and if she comes early she would be ok.  Right?  I must admit this going to the doctor once a week is for the birds.  Who wants to hear, “You’ve gained 5lbs this week?”…..not me, but here I am!
Knowing this, it could be any day that I go into labor.  This is like waiting for Christmas and preparing for a car accident all at once.  On the one hand you are filled with anticipation, excitement and joy.  On the other hand (unless you have a scheduled delivery) you are scared to death wondering when it will hit you.  My luck I will be alone, in Target looking at the calories in Oreo’s, far from my hospital and my water would break.  Clean up on isle 12!  Then what?  Apparently, it is not like in the movies and you don’t immediately feel the need to lay on the floor and push.  Well, let’s hope not.
My nursery is completed, the car seat is installed, and a bottle of wine is chilling (oh wait wrong occasion).  I am ready whenever she is.  The only thing left to do is pack our bag for the hospital.  My question here is what do you bring to the hospital when you are having a baby?  Based on advice from my General Council and my Mother, a nightgown.  That was the overall suggestion and something to bring the baby home in.  I was thinking my sequined top, black opened toed shoes and seven jeans, then I remembered this is not a weekend in Vegas (and the jeans don’t fit!)  So I will pack a nightgown, a nursing bra, some big ole granny panties, and some slippers.  I guess having a baby isn’t glamorous.  I am sure after pushing for hours, a pair of granny panties and slippers will be all I want.
I would like to thank you all for your continued support and prayers for me and my baby.  If I don’t post anything in a while it is most likely because I am doing a clean up on isle 12.  I will keep you posted. 



Karla Doodlebug said...

OK I just had to comment on this one! Yay you are in the home stretch! With Bailey my water broke at about 2 ish on Monday IN THE OFFICE where I work! Now keep in mind that I work with a lot of men, mostly delivery drivers! One of the older gentlemen looked up, looked down, back up and said " I will be back later"! People kept asking me if I wanted a chair while I waited for Shawn to get there. HECK no...I do not want to sit in this! Leave it to me, I had picked that very morning to put on a cute dress and pantyhose...what?
You will do fine! And starting out wanting to go without the epidural is great. Keep your mind open, you might ask for it and that does not mean you are a failure! After my water broke I did not immediately have contractions. But when they started it was every 2 minutes. About an hour into that I asked for the needle....uh umm..I asked for it. Mr. Anesthesiologist was busy delivering 3 other babies 2 of which by C-Section! They kept telling me he was on the way. Finally, I said screw it, here she comes...they didn't believe me at first!! Soon they found out...Funny enough? NOPE...same situation with baby # 2....epidural on the way...never happened! So I can say you will survive without one (and looking back I felt like getting the little melon out was easier cause I could feel what my body was doing naturally)! But if you do get one, the end result will be the same...sweet, slimy, perfect baby girl!

Karla Doodlebug said...

Oh..and another thing...remember you are under no obligation to wear that horrible hospital gown! If you want to bring your comfiest night shirt or tank top...DO IT! The only other thing I think is a must is your pillow (not during delivery, but for your 2 nights stay!)