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Friday, March 26, 2010

It just Hit Me!

I went to the doctor today. She told me everything looked the same. The baby had dropped a bit, but I wasn’t dilated more than 1cmm. The heart beat was good and other than me having some swelling, we both were doing fine. Then my doctor proceeds to tell me that she could induce me on Tuesday, if I wanted. I sat there for a moment and thought; I could be a mommy on Tuesday?!?!?!?! The reality of it hit me all at once and suddenly I wanted to be some place dark and quite (preferably with a cocktail). Be a mommy on Tuesday. WOW! I know some people like the convenience of inducing labor, but I wanted it all to happen naturally. This takes out the surprise element of my water breaking in Target. I would like her out though……. So what to do? I am not sure, but all of a sudden I realize in a matter of days my life will NEVER be the same again. 

Maybe she could cook a little longer?


Dionne said...

You are already a mommy!! :)
Good luck on Tuesday!

Amber said...

Oh Amy I know how you are feeling. With my 1st my Dr. offered to induce me 2 days before my due date.....I felt the exact same way. Before the appt I couldn't wait for her to come out but the reality set in! WOW, in 2 days I will be a Mommy!! I desided to go with the induction for a few reasons....I was miserable, and I was coming up on a weekend that MY dr. might not be available. I am so glad I decided to was a great experience. I also had both sets of parents out of town so it helped us plan better. You are already a great Mommy and will figure out what is best for you :) Your life will never be the same again but it will be sooooo much fuller and better overall! I will be praying for you :)