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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Moments of Desperation

I never thought I would actually see my due date.  I thought for sure I would go into labor 2 weeks early.  Again, I realized that God does have a sense of humor and is making me wait.  My mother says I am being taught a lesson in patience.  Well, I am ready for this lesson to be over.  I have actually considered that I was completely wrong on my date of my last period, which would explain how I got into this situation, and why I am not in labor yet.  Perhaps, she is not due until next week anyway?    
I understand now why women have drunk bottles of Castor Oil in moments of desperation to induce their labor, knowing the consequences.  Friday, in my own desperate attempt I went out and got the spiciest chicken curry I have ever eaten.  The man at the restaurant laughed when I told him what I wanted it for.  When asking me how spicy I wanted the curry he said, “You want to have baby tonight or tomorrow?” I said, “I want to have baby right now!”  The curry did not do anything but open my sinuses, and cause my butt to be on fire the next day. 
Saturday, since the weather was beautiful, I decided that some yard work might help push things along.  So I mowed the grass, weeded flower beds, re-potted plants, raked and cleaned my pool……NOTHING.  After all that I went for a nice walk and returned home to prop my swollen feet up.  My sweet sister even gave me an acupressure foot massage to try to stimulate contractions. 
Sunday and Monday I walked and walked.  I have eaten pineapple, kiwi, mangos, the spicy curry (I won’t forget about that one) and have contemplated Castor Oil (although not that desperate…….yet).  Monday night was a full moon and there have been rumors that full moons help stimulate labor.  Not mine.  On the bright side of that, she must not be a werewolf. 
My doctor told me yesterday that the only thing that would help induce labor is what got me into this situation……SEX, my response was HA!  That is out of the question. 
So I wait, patiently and pray that she will be here soon with a bottle of Castor Oil in my cabinet.

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