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Friday, March 12, 2010

Preparation Classes

If you are pregnant or become pregnant (that sounds like a pharmaceutical ad) and this is your first pregnancy, most likely classes like child birth, nursing, infant CPR and postpartum care will be offered to you. These classes don’t sound nearly as fun as sitting at home and watching “American Idol”, but they are definitely worth it. Last night I finished up a 4 week birthing class which was very informative. We (the attendees of the class and I) learned about what to expect when going in to labor, how to time contractions, how to tell if your water breaks and when to panic. We also learned about hospital protocol, what to expect while in the hospital and what to expect when we go home. We got a tour of the nursery, postpartum rooms and oh yes even the delivery room. Ladies, if you think the stirrups at your doctor’s office are bad….you ain’t seen nothing yet! Not to mention they have spotlights that shine right on your whooha. My instructor made a good point about those lights, “you would rather your doctor be able to see everything than make a mistake…right?” Good Point! Shine away! 
Even if you think you have watched enough “Baby Stories” to be prepared you may want to consider attending one of these classes. I am sure you don’t know everything and they may answer some questions you may have. The most difficult part for me was going alone because I was the only single person in attendance. Thank goodness for good ole Mom who came with me the last two classes. After all, in my case she is the one who will be with me during delivery along with my sister who will be singing, “push her out, shove her out, way out.” 

Bill Cosby's take on Natural Childbirth 

Also, if you are planning on nursing, I strongly recommend taking a nursing class. These classes show you how to hold the baby while nursing, the appropriate way for the baby to latch on, and the benefits of nursing. I don’t think it is necessary for your partner to come to this one. I am sure he will be relieved not to. 

Check with your doctor to find out when these classes are available and make sure you make arrangements to attend in plenty of time before your due date.

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