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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Breast Feeding II

I find it amazing that babies come out of the womb and are ready to nurse.  My daughter wasn’t an hour old and she was already turning her head “rooting”, looking for my breast ready to nurse.  That first feeding was so special for both of us.  I had been producing colostrum (“a yellowish fluid rich in antibodies and minerals that a mother's breasts produce after giving birth and before the production of true milk. It provides newborns with immunity to infections.” Encarta Dictionary) for a few weeks so I knew I was ready for her.  We both were a little awkward the first feeding, but quickly got the hang of it.   
During our feedings I have learned so much about my little one.  I have learned that her eyes are the color of the ocean before a storm, the thin but developing eye lashes and eye brows that sit at top them, the folds in her ears, the swirls in her hair, the length of her fingers as they curl around mine.  Basically, we have gotten to know each other well.  I don’t know what she has learned about me, looking up at me from that angle could not have given her a good impression.  She just started putting her hand on my breast while nursing, which I think is her way of saying thank you. 
If you decide to breast feed here are my suggestions (mostly have been passed down from others) to make it a success.  Get a Breast Friend.  My nieces think this is the funniest thing ever and now refer to me as their breast friend, but this item is great.  My friend Brooke Boles, founder of Hot Pants Cosmetics, told me about it.  It is similar to a Boppie but firmer and easier to use while breast feeding.  It gives the baby a place to rest instead of you having to hold them.  Another item is a good nursing bra.  Believe it or not I found a great one I love at Target.  Buy 2 because more than likely you will be washing one while wearing the other.  Lanolin is a MUST!  There is a brand called Lansinoh which is awesome.  Your nipples will thank you.  Put it on every chance you get.  It is better than A&D ointment because if the baby consumes it, it won’t hurt them.  Breast pads are another must have.  Keep these in your bra at all times or you will look like your water bra has sprung a leak……  I speak from experience. 
Lastly get a good breast pump.  Breast Pumps Direct has all kinds and can help you find the best one for you.  

I chose the Ameda Purely Yours breast pump.  It is great.  Right now I don’t use it very often because I don’t let my little one out of my sight!  When the time comes and I go back to work I am sure it will be one of those things you just can’t live without. 

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