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Monday, June 21, 2010

Absentminded Mommy

So yesterday, Father’s Day, I met my daughter’s dad to drop her off.  My Mom was with me and we were in her car.  We dropped her off and went back to my house.  That day my sister was having a get together for our Dad’s at her house.  When my Mom and I were leaving my house to head to my sister’s, I suggested we take my car.  After a fabulous meal and my Mom’s Best Chocolate Cake ever (seriously that’s the name and it is).  It was getting time for me to get my daughter from her dad.  Mom and I loaded the car with leftovers, my breast pump, purses, etc. and headed out.  My mom went with me because her car was at my house.  We get to the meeting spot and everyone gets out of the car.  We say our hello’s, I ask my questions about eating, pooping, sleeping and my daughter’s father went to put her in her car seat and asked, “Amy, where’s the car seat?”.  OMG!!!  I totally forgot her car seat!  The funny part of all of this is neither my Mom nor me noticed the car seat was missing.  The only thing that was in the back seat was the base!  I felt so stupid.   
He let me use his car seat so I wouldn’t have to pull a Britney Spears and drive around with my daughter on my lap.  
 The moral of this story is sleep deprivation will make you stupid and forgetful.  I don’t know what my Mom’s excuse was…….but we will blame it on old age!

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