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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Moms in Suburbia

Last week was the first time my General Council was all together since my shower.  It was so nice having Claire, Sophia and Laura all together, like my own version of “Sex in the City”.  Except this version was Moms in Suburbia (still trying to figure out which one of us would play the role of Samantha……guess that would be me considering my story).  We met for dinner, had some wine (ohhhh wine how I missed you!) did some man bashing, shared what was going on in our lives and reminisced about the good ole days.  Then the inevitable happened…. we all began to talk about our children.  I was never fond of the people that always wanted to show you pictures of their kids, tell you about how little Johnnie was doing at little league, or how smart little Susie is.  Guess what???????  I have turned into one of these people!!!!  I will show you a picture of my daughter in an instant and tell you how advanced she is (she really is.....!)  The good news is I was in good company, with my best friends who also wanted to talk about their children as well. 
It is funny how we change.  Sophia called me yesterday and had been with some of her other friends for the Memorial Day weekend.  She was looking forward to some R & R on the beach, away from her husband and kids.  Since the weather wasn’t all that great sunbathing on the beach was out.  The only other thing for she and her friends to do was drink.  Sophia being a responsible mother paced herself so she wouldn’t be a drunken mess at the end of the day, but her single childless friends did not.  You know how it is to be around a bunch of drunken people, even if you have a buzz their behavior will sober you right up.  She asked me if we were old.  We are not old, just changed.  Our days of getting drunk are not over, but must be well planned (like a weekend in Vegas while the kids are with Nana).  The reason, unlike the childless people who can go home and pass out we have to go home change diapers, make bottles, pack diaper bags, have bath time and play time. 
So as it happens in life, we change.  We can’t stay 23 forever….well I can at least in my mind.  Different things become important to us, as opposed to when we were in our 20’s and THE absolute most important things in all of our lives are our children!   
Still, a weekend in Vegas does sound like fun ; ) and what happens there stays there....RIGHT????
It was great being with my best friends.  As I have said before friends are so important.  I am blessed with many and hope you all know how much I appreciate you and love you!!!!

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