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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nursing has changed my whole outlook on Boobs. Before I started nursing I considered my boobs to be an accessory. They were perky, made my clothes look good and offered some pleasure (at times). They were sacred and private. Now I love them for a whole different reason, they are an ends to a mean. When my daughter gets hungry they are there to feed her. I really don’t care where we are. In the event she gets hungry, they get whipped out to feed her. If you are against public nursing stop reading now…… I have nursed her in restaurants, the mall, parking lots, in friends’ houses, and in front of perfect strangers. Don’t get me wrong I always cover up, but I am not going to let my baby go hungry because some person thinks nursing is gross. They can get over it!
Nursing makes you realize the real reason God gave women breast. Everything else they are used for is bonus! I am not looking forward to the after math of nursing. A call to the plastic surgeon may be in order, but if not I definitely see a push up bra in my future!!!! However, no matter how low they go it will be worth it, because my daughter will have been fed the food that was created just for her and she and I have a bond that will never be broken.

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