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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Eat my Words!

I said before that I never wanted to have children.  I wanted to live the life of leisure thinking only of myself.  (Not that there is anything wrong with people that chose this lifestyle).  However, God had a different plan for me, and now I have the most precious angel baby who I love more than life itself.  When she came along I said, “That’s it!  I don’t want anymore.  One is enough for me.”  I may have to eat my words yet again. 
After you reach a certain age you may start to feel too old to have a baby like I did.  Celebrities make it look easy having babies in their 40’s, (not that I am close to 40 yet) but still if you start calculating your age it can be scary.  If I have a baby when I am 35, I will be around 53 when they graduate from high school!  I don’t want to be the old lady mom!  The great news is that if I am the old lady mom I won’t be alone.  My friends are still having babies.  One of my friends is 43 and just had her 3 child.  She is a rockstar, and I admire her very much.  Another one of my friends just told me that she was pregnant with her 3rd and another friend is going to start trying for her 2nd soon.  This got me thinking………….
What if I meet someone and they want to have a baby?  Do I really want my daughter to be an only child? (At least as far as I am concerned.)  Would having a 2nd child be THAT bad considering my age?  Not at all.  Then I started calculating again, and if I meet someone soon we would probably date for a while, then we would get married.  I am sure we would want to enjoy being married for a while (unless he was in a hurry to get pregnant too).  Then I would get pregnant, 9 months later the baby would be here.  I can do this before I am 35……right?  I am 33.  In case you don’t know this about me, I want to be married.  I want a family.  I am sad that things did not work out with the father of my daughter, but they didn’t so here I am.  I suppose I should just let things happen as they are going to happen, but I am a planner and I think I should have some kind of a plan.  After all this I have decided to be open minded to having another baby and not get the tubes tied up yet!  If he/she is as wonderful as my first, why wouldn’t I?  And so what if I am an old lady mom?  I will be a cool old lady mom sitting in the stands with my old lady mom friends!

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