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Thursday, August 26, 2010

I’ve created a little monster

My daughter was somewhat sleeping through the night.  She would go down around 7 and sometimes wake up around midnight then wake up again around 3:30.  I was doing very well about getting up, putting her passy back in her mouth, patting her on the back for a while and then letting her fall back to sleep in her crib.  Sometimes she would cry, but if she did it wasn’t for long.   
A few weeks ago, my friend Laura came to stay 4 days with us, and I didn’t want my daughters cries to wake her up during the night.  So when she would wake up (normally at the 3:30 time) I would jump up, get her and put her in the bed with me.  I suppose she has gotten used to this routine.  Now if I try to put her passy in her mouth and pat her on the back she rolls over, looks up at me, frowns this huge frown and begins to cry.  This is heart breaking because I interpret this as her saying to me, “don’t leave me here all alone.”  So I don’t.  I carefully pick her up, pull her to my chest, whisper in her ear that I love her and take her to my room.  We lay down and I nurse her until she falls back to sleep (which is usually within 5 minutes).  I usually fall back to sleep too and at some point wake up and look at her.  I know some “experts” say that you shouldn’t sleep with your baby, a newborn probably not, but I think when they are a little older it is just fine.  Of course some precautions should be taken.  But it is one of the sweetest things to wake up with my daughter in my arms and seeing her sleeping with her little mouth open.  She is so completely relaxed and content being there with me.  Although, I would love to sleep through the night and sometimes my arm falls asleep while she is laying a top it but, I wouldn’t trade these moments for anything.   
So to those “experts” I say I will savor this time with my precious angel and worry about something else. 

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