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Monday, August 30, 2010

Product Talk

My intention when I first started writing this blog was to talk about products that I find useful.  I have gotten away from this concept and have opted for sharing my experiences with my angel baby.  With this blog I am getting back to my original intention.
Next Monday my daughter will be 5 months old.  Where has the time gone?  In these 5 months I have used a variety of products.  Here is a list of the ones that I am still using and would definitely recommend to anyone that just had a baby or is about to.
1.       A glider or rocking chair - I use this everyday and have since the day my daughter came home.   I can see myself using this for many years.  Whether it is nursing her, putting her to sleep or reading her a story, a glider is a must have.
2.       Breast Pump – If you breastfeed and go back to work this is a MUST have.  Get a good one!
3.       The Breast Friend – again if you breastfeed this is a great accessory to make breast feeding easier.  I have a Boppie, but rarely use it. 
4.       Tummy time mat – It is important for babies at around 3 months get plenty of tummy time in order to strengthen their upper body to prepare them for crawling.  I bought a Tummy Time mat for around $30.  I have found them a TJMaxx and Marshall’s for half that.  If you want to be really practical put a blanket on the floor and put some soft toys around the baby for them to focus on. 
5.       A Swing – My daughter is not sleeping in the swing anymore but this device still comes in handy when you need a free moment to grab a shower or something.
6.       Wet mats – these square waterproof mats are great to have on your changing table.  If your baby is anything like mine as soon as the cold air hits they are inclined to go wee wee.  This saves you from having to do extra laundry.
7.       The vibrating chair – I don’t know what I would do without this thing!!!  It is great for just about anything.  It is portable so you can put it in any room in your house.
8.       Caldesene powder – This was recommended to me by my Mom.  It apparently has been around for years.  This powder is better than your standard baby powder, because it actually creates a barrier from moisture.  If your baby has a chronic diaper rash, give this stuff a try.  My daughter has not had a diaper rash yet.
9.       Crackling books – as your child gets older and begins to play with toys these books (and some toys) fascinate them.  They sound like paper crumbling.  My Mom said she used to give me a cheese wrapper that had the same effect.  Either way babies LOVE the sound and possibly the way it feels.  These items are sure to keep them occupied at least for a bit.
10.   Last but not least FOOTED PAJAMAS – especially the ones that snap!  These things are great.  Since babies cannot sleep with a blanket these pajamas keep them warm so you can stay cool.  I did close the AC vent in my daughter’s room so she wouldn’t get too cold as I like the house cool at night. 
Of course pacifiers!
I will have more suggestions as time goes on, but get ready for more post about my days with my little angel baby.

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