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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Baby Really Does Change Everything

I have mentioned that I love shoes and since the birth of my daughter the only pair I have bought were running shoes.  I bought them with the intention of running when I got home from work.  Ask me how many times I have run??????..........  Once.  My excuses are that it has been WAYYYYY too hot, and who has the time? 
But getting back to the love of shoes.  I haven’t been shoe shopping much, because on a potential shoe shopping day I would rather sleep in, there are a million other things to do, and now that I have a baby I am invited to baby birthday parties.  (Don’t get me wrong I LOVE going to baby birthday parties just as much as every other mother there:)  So, not much time for shopping or running (not complaining about the running as much as I am the lack of shopping.)  

Another one of many ways my daughter has changed my life and my priorities is I have decided to rid myself of my first baby, Scarlett….. my 1981 Mercedes Benz SL 380.  I had wanted one of these cars for over 10 years when I found this car.  I knew she was mine the moment I laid eyes on her.  She will be 30 next year, and when I bought her my best friend Laura pointed out that my car was older than my boyfriend.  To this day that thought cracks me up!  I have never been in love with an automobile, but I LOVE this car.  Her engine has a great deep throttle and she can fly!  Her color is a deep red that you can still see your reflection in.  I could be having the worse day, but when I would drive her with the top down it would soon get better.  There is something about the sound of that engine and the wind in my hair. 
Since the birth of my daughter I have driven her 3 times.  Twice to the store which is less than a mile from my house.  There is no place for a car seat nor should there be.  If you scratched the paint off you would probably see Budweiser on the side.  And air bags, forget about them!  I am glad at least it has seat belts.  Not a safe car for a child.  My original thought was I would keep Scarlett and when my daughter was about 5years old we would take weekend trips the beach.  Even when she gets older the thought of something happening is frightening and I don’t think I could put my daughter in this car.  So now she is for sale.  Soon her place in the garage will replaced with a bicycle, toys, slip n slide, hula hoops, a big wheel, and other things. 
I will miss my first baby Scarlett, and never forget the memories we have shared.  It is time to let her go though and replace her with moments with the most important thing in the world to me, my real baby, my daughter.

If you are interested in buying Scarlett please email me or contact me on FaceBook.

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