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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Bi-Polar Baby – Sometimes I think my daughter is bi-polar. She can be laughing and in the middle of a laugh she will start to cry. There have been times when she is bawling and will break into a smile. The funniest thing I have seen her do is when, she was playing with a rattle and her arms where just flailing back and forth and up and down. In the middle of a swing she whacks herself in the head and her goodtime turns into misery. What is really funny is she looks around like, who just hit me in the head?!

Recently, my daughter has started feeling on people’s faces like she is reading them like a blind person would do. It is so fascinating to watch her do this. She will grab noses, then put both hands on each cheek, rub all over and ultimately try to put her hand in the mouth. If you have glasses, forget about it, they are being yanked off! Oh and hair, it is going to be pulled. This may sound gross (and probably is), but my daughter almost always has a strand of my hair in her hand. Guess that is why my new hairdo is a pony tail!

Word from the wise, don’t play Superman or toss your baby up in the air shortly after he or she has eaten. You will be wearing spit up in your eye. Trust me I know from experience.

Who would have thought that after a long stressful day like today instead of climbing into a hot bath with a glass of wine I would rather play peek a boo, give raspberries on a chubby tummy and just lie on the bed making ridiculous faces to my daughter. I just stood in her room holding her, dancing to “The Nutcracker” as she fell asleep, and I began to cry. My heart has never been filled with so much love, joy, and happiness. Every second with her is a treasured moment. Forget the bath, I will be lucky if I get one……and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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