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Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My newest favorite baby item has got to be the highchair.  I got Grayco’s Blossom 4 in 1 highchair as a gift from my Dad and Stepmom.  I finally put this thing together last weekend (wasn’t nearly as hard as some of the other baby items that I have assembled.  I mean you need a degree from Harvard to understand these instructions and put some of this stuff together!)  Anyway, I am LOVING this highchair and so is my daughter.  Not only does she get her “cereal face” every night in it, she sits perched in it in the mornings when I am getting ready for work.  The swing has been replaced by the highchair in our morning routine.  I think she loves it because she is up high and can see all around her.  She has started her new favorite game which is play with her toys, throw them on the floor, watch Mommy pick it up, and repeat.  She is not able to sit up yet but sits perfectly in the highchair.  Not perfectly still (she has to be strapped in) which brings me to another topic wiggle worm changing time. 
My daughter is now very curious about things that are around her on her changing table.  She wants to look all around and most of the time that requires her to flip over or to do her now famous back bends.  She throws her head back and arches her back like she is in the finals at the Olympics.  It started out to be a little funny but now it is almost scary.  I am so afraid that she is going to prepare to do a back flip and flip right out of my hands or off her table. 
So, if you have a baby that is around 5 months don’t wait until they are sitting up to put them in a highchair.  Try it out but, strap them in!  When they get in that wiggle worm stage strap them in everything!  These little suckers are quick and can squirm, flip flop or wriggle out of just about anything.  They are little Houdini’s just a much cuter version! 

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