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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Single Mom goes Back to School

My blogs will probably become fewer in the future. I have enrolled back in school to complete my MBA. I have 12 hours left to complete it. I hope when I finish I can teach at a college somewhere and have more time with my daughter. My current job has me on the road a lot, and I feel like I am missing so much with her. I never thought that I would want to stay at home and not work. Now I am envious of the moms that do, and I understand why they have chosen to do so. When I drop my daughter off in the mornings at my Mother’s, my Mom walks out with her and waves goodbye to me. This is heartbreaking. I know it will get worse as she gets older and cries for me as I back out of the driveway.
Now my schedule consists of wake up get ready, get my daughter ready, drive to my Mom’s, work (drive all over the place), drive back to my Mom’s, pick up my daughter, drive home, play with my daughter as long as I can, cereal time, bath time, nursing time, bed time, then I have to complete things for work, check email, at the point that I am so tired all I want to do is sleep, I have to pump, and complete school work. Am I crazy?! Perhaps a little.
I pray that my craziness will pay off in the long run. I want a career that will pay me enough to live comfortably but spend the most time with my daughter. There are so many things I wish to write about as I edxperience new things with her. So in between expense reports, essays on international business, traveling here and there, I will try to continue to write my blog. Who knows perhaps all of this will turn into a book. Then I could stay at home with the love of my life, make a living, and write about her and our life. Wouldn’t that be grand! Until then bear with me.

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