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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is upon us. Which means the cutest ghost, goblins, super heroes, princesses, and other characters will fill their neighborhood streets going house to house trick or treating. I have not been so excited about Halloween since the year I dressed up as Wonder Woman (I don’t have to dress up as this character anymore because I, like most moms, am Wonder Woman). This is the first of many years when I will dress my precious daughter up and parade her around in all her cuteness. This year she will be a monkey. I figured I would dress her up as whatever I wanted because, most likely after this year it will not be my choice but hers. I chose a monkey because she makes the cutest face when she is concentrating that looks like a monkey. Also, the picture of the baby in the catalog was too cute to resist. I had considered dressing up as a giant banana, but yellow is not my color. My daughter and I will be continuing a tradition I started 2 years ago and will be trick or treating with Claire, her 2.5 children (she is pregnant with #3), her sister and her family, and other friends in the neighborhood. It is a great tradition. One I plan on continuing for many years.

I am giddy with excitement at the thought of future lady bugs, ballerina’s, witches, and perhaps even a cowgirl. I now know the meaning of seeing things through your child’s eyes. I hope all of my readers have a safe and Happy Halloween and your kids eat all the candy before you do!

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