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Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Today my daughter is 6 months old!  In the past week she has had 3 milestones, a new tooth, sitting up by herself, and she got her ears pierced.  The tooth I noticed this weekend but is barely visible.  I just ran my finger across her gums and felt it.  This would explain the recent diaper rash, fussiness, and constant sucking on her bottom lip.  This has not interfered with nursing …….yet.  I am not looking forward to the day when she chomps down on my nipple.  I have heard from many moms, including my own, that this can and at some point will happen.  I know that this is just the beginning the tip of the iceberg.  Soon more teeth will follow then walking and talking.  My little angel won’t be so little anymore.  They won’t be babies long, someone told me.  They were right.
Last Tuesday she and I sat outside in the grass and enjoyed the lovely weather.  Fall has arrived and being outside is irresistible!  My daughter was intrigued with the grass (it was somewhat tall because who has the time to cut it?!).  She wanted to touch it, kneed it, and pull on it.  Watching her discover this for the first time was delightful for me.  While we were out there I sat her up and she was able to sit up all by herself……..for a short period of time, then she rolled to the side.  Of course I was there to catch her, but I was so excited to see that she was able to sit up.  Since then I have been working with her allowing her to sit up by herself and fall over. 
This past Saturday I took her to get her ears pierced.  I did some research online, and did the best research, talking to other moms.  I found out that if you want to do this it is best to do it between the ages of 3 to 6 months or wait until they are older.  Since she was embarking on her 6 month milestone I figured I need to act quickly.  The topic of ears getting a baby girls ears pierced is somewhat controversial.  Some of the moms that I spoke to had very strong opinions about this subject.  The argument is that it is painful and some moms couldn’t do that to their baby.  A few moms said they would wait until the child asked them to do it.  I could argue both points.  I got my ears pierced when I was 3 and I swear I remember having it done.  It wasn’t SOOOOO traumatic for me, but it was still scary.  I wanted her to have it done during a time that she wouldn’t remember, and I could make sure the ears were tended to.  You are supposed to clean them twice a day and constantly turn them.  As a child gets older they may not let you clean and turn them because the lobes are sore, then they get infected.  It wasn’t bad at all.  Yes she cried, but for less than 10 minutes.  Then we went into the Disney store and she was distracted with all the colors, sounds, and textures.  Two days after having it done, her ears were still sore and she fought me a bit when I tried to clean them.  Now she doesn’t even notice that I am cleaning and turning them.  As she gets older they will just be there.  I may even tell her she was so special God allowed her to be born with earrings!   
To this matter I say To Each Her Own. 
These milestones are not important for just her but also for me.  It makes me realize how fast she is growing and in the blink of an eye she is now 6 months old.  Soon it will be her first Christmas and then first birthday.  To each parent I say once again, treasure every moment you have with your children.  In an instant they are grown, and you will wonder where the time went. 

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