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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Showers (not the kind with hot water)

Baby showers have been traced back to ancient Egyptian and Greek times.  (Although, they probably did not pass around diapers filled with melted chocolate candy.)  Most likely they welcomed the baby with gifts during birth.  Anyway, my fabulous General Council threw me a baby shower this past weekend.  I have gone to many baby showers in the past, but there is something different when it is your own.  I realized why men never want to be a part of these festivities, a bunch of cackling women talking about men and babies.  I think the most awkward part is opening presents in front of everyone.  It is like a Christmas morning just for you.  The only problem for me was as I opened each gift I was thinking… what do I do with that again?????  Then you have to comment on each gift and blurting out “What is this?” is not common practice. 
My shower started with mimosas (none for me….okay maybe one but it was mostly OJ), a variety of food, and conversations between old friends that had not seen each other in years.  Then we moved on to games, filling in nursery rhymes and guessing the melted chocolate candy in the diaper.
Funny story….Sophia was melting a Reese Cup in Claire’s brand new microwave.  We were all standing around chit chatting when we looked up and the diaper was on FIRE!  Someone yelled “OH S&*# !” literately and figuratively (ok not completely literal but you get the idea).  We managed to put the fire out, and I almost wet my pants laughing.
After the games I proceeded to open gifts and later we had cake.  It was lovely.  For those of you who attended thank you so much for your kindness and to my General Council, I love ya!  You are such great friends. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Breast Pumps

Breast Pump
There are many things to consider while pregnant and after your baby has arrived.  One of the major thing is to breastfeed or to use formula.  There are pros and cons to both, and I choose not to get into a debate over this topic.  I am planning on breast feeding.  My mother breast fed me and I think it is the best choice for my baby (not to mention the possible weight loss!).
If you are considering breast feeding take a look at this site breastpumpsdirect.  Breast pumps has the BEST selection of breast pumps, reviews, and prices!  The customer service is also top notch. 
I am all about my friends giving me their old baby stuff however, a used breast pump is not something I would accept or suggest.  There are kits that can clean them but bacteria can remain.  With something so personal and precious spend the money and get a brand new pump from

Friday, February 19, 2010


Yesterday I was 34 weeks.  In this picture I am holding a statue that one of my general council members sent to me when I first found out that I was pregnant.  It is called Cherish.  That is one thing that I haven't done throughout this pregnancy is cherish my time being pregnant.  I have been so worried about so many other things that I haven't taken the time to really enjoy this period of my life.  So my advice is if you are pregnant or know someone who is Cherish every moment because you will never get this time back. 
For those of you who know me you know I can't be sappy for too long. Here is a picture of my SEXY WAIST BAND!  Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


I recently saw an advertisement for a new movie called “The Crazies”. I am not sure what this movie is about, but I am guessing everyone in it has been given a heavy dose of estrogen. Hormones are bad enough in everyday life. The vicious 28 day cycle that women go through for the majority of their life that makes us “CRAZY”, can complicate our life. Men think that PMS is just an excuse for us to act like a total madwoman (I could use another word here but I am trying to keep this PG). Hormones are very powerful chemicals, estrogen especially. They can make you do things that normally you would never do. It is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or in this case Mrs. Hyde. 

You wake up one morning thinking today will be a normal day. Then you find yourself growing increasingly impatient with the person at the Starbucks counter because, they are taking too long with your double non-fat chai latte. It progresses from there, cars won’t move out of your way on the road, everybody is stupid and no one can do things the way you want or need them done. Around lunch time you are starving and need a bacon cheese burger, large fry and milk shake. After you eat you really need a nap, because you have a sudden case of narcolepsy. The day continues you are irritated, anxious, and perturbed. Later, when you are about to blow a gasket, and everyone has been warned to stay away from you; you lose complete control and start to cry for no reason. 

Now, take that and multiply it by one million and you have the emotions of a pregnant woman. Not all pregnant women will have the hormonal mood swings that go from considering murder to crying over a commercial. However, at some point you will get emotional. There are some things that I have done and said during my pregnancy that I look back on and think; only a crazy person would have done that. Well, I’m guilty…. and my plea is temporary insanity. Premenstrual syndrome can actually be used as a criminal defense (don’t get any ideas ladies). That fact should tell you how strong these hormones are. Hopefully, if you are very emotional you have people around you that are understanding (or at least know to leave you alone).

The bottom line is at some point we as people (yes men too) are crazy sometimes. At least women have something to blame it on. So what is your excuse men?

Monday, February 15, 2010


A few suggestions, especially if you just found out you are pregnant.
 Keep a birth journal.  My mom gave me her birth journal that she kept when she was pregnant with me.  It was so wonderful to be able to go back and read in her words when she felt me move for the first time, how she was feeling, her excitement and anticipation about my arrival.  I have read it a few times and each time I find something interesting and extra special
I started my own journal shortly after finding out that I was pregnant.  I have always kept a journal and love being able to go back and read what I was doing when.  I should go back and read what I was doing in July of last year (maybe that would explain how I got pregnant)!  Anyway, if you go to a book store like Barnes and Nobel you will find a variety of journals.  I just got a simple birth journal.  If you would rather not spend the $14.99 on a specialized journal, you could always buy a plain pink or blue one and add your own d├ęcor.  I don’t write everyday but at least 4 times a week and after every doctor’s appointment.  I like to see how much weight I’ve gained.
The other thing is when you start showing take a picture of your belly (you can include yourself if you want) every week on the same day.  It is amazing to see how much you grow from one week to the next.  At the end of your pregnancy you won’t believe you were that big.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For everything strollers, check out They have a wide variety of strollers, stroller accessories, reviews and most importantly GREAT prices!  If you are not sure what type of stroller would be best for you check out before you do anything else!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maternity Clothes

One of the items you will definitely need throughout your pregnancy is maternity clothes. Some women look forward to wearing maternity clothes and some women don’t. I am the latter. I was never one to get on the baby doll tops and dresses fashion train. I felt like the tighter the better. So here I am sporting a big belly and LOVING the elastic waist band. Unless you are hoping for a reality show on the Discovery channel, this may be your only child. So before you go out and spend money on expensive maternity clothes here are some suggestions especially if you are on a budget like me.

The friends that have taken the leap into motherhood that I mentioned in an earlier blog, USE THEM. Hopefully, you have a friend that is somewhat your size that will give you all of her maternity clothes. With any luck your friend will have exceptional taste in clothes and you will be all set.

In the event that you find yourself with maternity hammy downs from the 80’s, that aren’t very flattering, check ebay. Many women will sell maternity clothes in bulk based on size. The ones that I looked at had good description and photos. The price is also good considering what all you get. The only downfall is that the majority of the sellers will not accept returns so be sure of your size.

SALES! All women love sales. When you go to a maternity store (such as Motherhood) go all the way to the back of the store and check out the sales racks. Also, many department stores have maternity sections. Target, GAP, JcPenny are just a few. If you look you will find great deals.

If you are a career mommy to be, get creative. Work with what you have. Buy simple colors in maternity size and accessorize with other pieces in your wardrobe. Don’t feel badly for wearing the same pants over and over, as long as you change your panties ; )

For those of you who did get on the baby doll fashion train, perhaps you can wear your regular clothes. You can also buy some regular tops in a larger size.

Finally, here are my top must haves during pregnancy. First get a good bra. Second get a maternity jogging suit. My friend Laura Croft gave me one and I swear I live in that thing! It is the best. Also, if you are will be pregnant during the winter months get turtlenecks or long sleeve shirts and put them underneath any of your sleeveless or short sleeve shirts. I bought some plain long sleeve cotton shirts in a larger size which have been a life saver. Get a nice pair of black maternity pants for work and evening as well as a stretchy pair for during the day. A good pair of maternity jeans are also awesome to have but I only suggest buying one pair.  (Do the rubber band trick on your old jeans as long as you can) Finally, a simple black dress that can be dressed up or dressed down is a must have.

By the end you will be living in a mumu anyway, and vowing not to wear any of those clothes again. Then 3 months later, when you still feel pregnant, are sleep deprived and have lactated on everything else, those clothes will be the only thing that feels comfortable!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Funny Story

One of the first things that I bought after finding out that I was pregnant was a jogging stroller.  Having always been into fitness, I thought that would be a good way for me to get back into shape after the baby.  Now let me clarify I like to work out, play tennis and do yoga.  My theory about running is that I will only do it if someone is chasing me with a sharp object, but I am not going to be able to take the baby on the tennis court or into a yoga class.  A jogging stroller ust made sense.  Besides they are great for going "off roading".  
My ever resourceful Sister found a “gently used “Schwinn jogging stroller in the classifieds (because you know I wasn't buying one brand new $$).  I was so excited!  Now, at this time I was living in another state, which meant my Mom or my Sister would have to go out and look at the stroller for me.  After speaking with the seller I decided to set up a time for my Mom to go check out this baby jogging stroller.  I explained to my Mom to check out the tires make sure they were not flat, make sure the lining was good, it was clean and had been well taken care of.  I told her what I was willing to pay and hoped she could handle the negotiating.  
 After going over all of this my Mother said to me,.........
“Amy, I don’t understand why you need this stroller.  The baby can’t jog?!”  I said, "Mom it's not for the baby, its for me" "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
True Story!!!!!  This is from the same women that didn’t have any of this fancy stuff when she had me.  (See the Friends post)  If she did she wouldn't have known what to do with it anyway.  

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Bassinet VS Graco Pack n Play

Of course you have to have a crib for your baby, fully equipped with comfortable mattress, crib sheets, bumper pads, crib skirt, quilt and blankets. Depending on how your house is laid out you may not have the baby’s room close to your room (this can be a good thing or a bad thing). My baby’s room is on the opposite side of my house. One of my general council members had her baby’s room upstairs. Can you imagine having to climb stairs at 2 a.m. every night, more than once, on little sleep?! Me either.

So where does the baby sleep when he or she is first born? It is a great option to have the baby in the room with you. This makes it easier for when you have to wake up every 2 hours to feed, change or just appease the little one (Oh the things I have to look forward to!). Many people will suggest a bassinet. These are great because they are small, portable, and precious. These miniature cribs go all the way back to ancient times. I think even Jesus slept in a modified bassinet (the primitive version). A bassinet can be a plain or fully decorated in lace, bows, netting, hoods, some vibrate and play music. The possibilities are endless (depending on how much you want to spend, of course). Some critics say that bassinets are an expensive unnecessary object. Due to it being so shallow it is only recommended for use up until the baby is 4 months.

So what is the other option? A Graco Pack n Play of course! Pack and Plays were originally known as playpens have been around since the turn of the century (the 20th century that is). These portable square baby keepers have transformed from being made of wood to a multi-functional, padded, ready for travel, parents dream. The Graco Pack n Play set up and take down quickly and easily, which makes them easy to move from room to room or to Grandma’s house. They are great because most of them come with a bassinet with mattress and pads as well as a changing table. These can be removed as the baby gets older, which makes this item a better buy. You can purchase a model that plays music and nature sounds, comes with toys attached, and a place for diaper essentials. The Graco Pack and Play is proven safe and comfortable for your sweet baby.

Unless you just want to buy both I suggest (so do 2 out of 3 members on my council) buying the Graco Pack and Play. The average price is between $99 and $150. If you think about how long you can use it versus the bassinet it is a better long term investment. It also has more functions than a bassinet, and travels better. 

Graco Home Page 
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