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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nursing has changed my whole outlook on Boobs. Before I started nursing I considered my boobs to be an accessory. They were perky, made my clothes look good and offered some pleasure (at times). They were sacred and private. Now I love them for a whole different reason, they are an ends to a mean. When my daughter gets hungry they are there to feed her. I really don’t care where we are. In the event she gets hungry, they get whipped out to feed her. If you are against public nursing stop reading now…… I have nursed her in restaurants, the mall, parking lots, in friends’ houses, and in front of perfect strangers. Don’t get me wrong I always cover up, but I am not going to let my baby go hungry because some person thinks nursing is gross. They can get over it!
Nursing makes you realize the real reason God gave women breast. Everything else they are used for is bonus! I am not looking forward to the after math of nursing. A call to the plastic surgeon may be in order, but if not I definitely see a push up bra in my future!!!! However, no matter how low they go it will be worth it, because my daughter will have been fed the food that was created just for her and she and I have a bond that will never be broken.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I couldn't make this up!

This past weekend my Mother, Sister, Niece, daughter and I headed out of town for my Cousin’s 40th birthday party.  After riding for about 4 hours I was really hungry.  We went through the drive through at Chick Fil A, and got back on the road in order to make good time.  At this point my daughter was asleep.  After smelling the food in the car she woke up and started acting hungry herself.  I apologized to everyone, but said we were going to have to pull over so I could nurse her.  My sister pulled off at the next exit.  To the left was a Chevron, McDonald’s, Shell Station and a Hardee’s.  To the right was a funeral home and cemetery.  My sister went to the right.  We drove into the funeral home and headed back to the cemetery.  “This will give you some peace and privacy” my sister said.  
 So we drove around a loop and parked on the top of a hill, under a tree, next to a large headstone.   My mom and sister got out to walk around and stretch their legs, while my niece stayed in the car with me.  I pulled my shirt up, got my daughter in position and began to nurse her.  It was about that time when my mom and sister quickly headed back to the car.  I immediately saw why.  A hearse was coming around the loop followed by MANY cars!  A funeral procession was headed our way.  My sister jumped behind the wheel, cranked the car and put it into drive, but it was too late!  The cars had already started driving by.  Thinking we could still get out of the cemetery, my sister pulled out in front of one of the cars, joining us in the procession.  The cars began parking on both sides of the path at the end of the loop.  We had nowhere to go.  We were blocked in, front and back.  People began walking to the grave site, right beside our car…….Let me remind you I am still nursing.  So here we are a baby and 4 ladies sitting in the car during a funeral.  One with her breast out! 
It was 103 degrees that day so we didn’t think the service would last long.  We were wrong, as we had been about many things in this situation.  My niece said, “Just put Ole’ Roy in the ground and let’s go!”  I know it sounds bad but we were trying to make light of things.
I finished nursing.  When it looked like the service was over and the people began to disperse guess what happened????? Yep my daughter took a POOP!  So the attendees saw her being nursed on their way to the service and saw her butt being changed on the way back.  I am sure they weren’t expecting that anymore than we were. 
Finally, the traffic started moving and we had all laughed so hard that we had to pee, but we decided to hold it.  Out of fear of Murphy’s Law!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Too Much Caffeine

I love coffee!  I have been drinking it since I was 16 so for about 8 years ; ) When I found out that I was pregnant I decided not to drink any and haven't really since the birth of my daughter because I am breastfeeding.  This weekend I was out of town and my only coffee option was regular.  Who really wants to drink decaffeinated?  This is what happened.......