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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Product I am LOVING!

Before I get into my new favorite product I have decided to give my daughter a name.  As most of my readers know I do not use my daughter’s name in my blog posts to respect her privacy.  I have been referring to her as “my daughter”.  It is hard for people to connect with her when she has no name.  So I have decided to give her a name to use in future blogs.  I considered many names.  One of my favorites was YaYa because she says it all the time.  (I think she is calling my mom whose name is Nana).  Since before she was born I have called her my sweet angel baby, in so many ways she is my Angel.  My Angel from God, therefore, I have decided to refer to her as Angel on my post.

Now to the Ibert.
One of the best gifts I bought myself was a Schwinn bicycle.  I bought it along with a jogging stroller in an effort to lose baby weight and get back into shape.  The jogging stroller does not get to get out much.  My philosophy on running is I only like to do it if someone is chasing me with a sharp object.  Most of my “jogs” turn out to be walks.  One cul-de-sac and I’m done.  I have tried to compensate and burn more calories by doing lunges.  I have caught a few of my neighbors checking me out during my lunge exercise.  Most likely the reason is because, I do lunges beside the stroller with Angel inside.  Then I count…first in English then in Spanish.  I’m sure I look ridiculous, but that is ok because I hope Angel will be bilingual and surely my extensive Spanish counting skills will set her on the bilingual path.
Along with my bicycle I bought a bicycle seat for Angel.  I am a pro at multi-tasking and riding the bike with her is a way to do many things.  I get to be outside, breathe fresh air, exercise, and most importantly spend time with Angel.  I looked at many options when considering a seat.  Most importantly I wanted something safe.  I bought one of the Schwinn pull behind trailers thinking it would be the safest option.  However, Angel is not old enough for it yet, and it is for 2 children (hopefully one day there will be a brother or sister in there beside her).  As opposed to the seats that sit in the back of the bike these new seats that sit in the front are considered safer and allow you to talk to your child while riding.  On our rides I sing to Angel.  I show her the sky, trees, flowers, and other objects we see.  We listen to the birds chirp and on occasion dogs barking.  Some days we ride the bike to the park and stop to swing on the swings.  These seats are great for kids and allow them to grow with your child.  I strongly recommend them.  It gives me an opportunity to get some exercise, unwind after a stressful day at work, but most of all I get to spend time with the person that matters to me the most, my sweet Angel!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pure Nostalgia

Within the past month 2 of my general council (aka my BFF) have had babies.  I have mentioned my general council in previous blogs (see January 2010 Friends).  These are the friends, as well as many others, that saw me through my pregnancy, and have stood by me since the birth of my daughter.  To recap, in case you are too lazy to go back and read the blogs about them, there is Sophia, Claire, and Laura.  All 3 of these women have known me for 20+ years.  (We met when we were 5 ;) 
Sophia, my spunky tell it like it is friend, has 2 children.  Her daughter is 3 months older than my daughter, and we have decided they will be BFF’s just like we are.  Sophia is awesome!  She buys our girls the cutest matching outfits, and we dress them up like twins.  It was great having a friend to be pregnant with.  Once during our pregnancy we were driving and the song Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood came on.  We were both singing along and by the end of the song we were sobbing.  It was nice to have a best friend to cry and buy baby stuff with. 
Claire is my sweet soft spoken stay at home mother of now 3.  She home schools her kids and at times questions her sanity.  The day before my daughter’s 1st birthday she gave birth to her 2nd daughter.  In the future we will have to coordinate with each other so we don’t throw birthday parties around the same time. 
As recent at 2 weeks ago my friend Laura, now mother of 2, gave birth to her first daughter.  Laura is my sound advisor.  She is the person I go to when I need rational advice.  This, unfortunately for her is all the time.
When I first heard of both my friends pregnancy’s I was ecstatic!  When I found out they were both having girls I was set into pure nostalgia.  My 3 best friends and I were all going to have girls within 1 year apart.  Suddenly, I had visions of slumber parties, picnics, dress up days, and vacations. Yes, I have already informed them all I am expecting us to go on a Disney cruise together in 5 years. (Girls, I am holding you too this!)  I have already bought a trunk full of dress up clothes with the expectations that they (the girls) will all come over and play dress up with my little angel.  I have visions of beach weekends, Christmas parties, and when they are older a girls only trip to New York City (perhaps I will be on my book tour by then).  I can see all the pictures now.  It is going to be fantastic!
How ironic that all these baby girls, who will most certainly be my daughter’s friends, have put me in a stage of pure bliss.  I never thought when we were younger and they all were at my house for a sleep over that one day our girls would do the same.  When they do I will be sure that the garage door is completely closed and the front door is locked! 
That is an inside story that I may include in my book ;p

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Single Mom and Dating

There are two topics that I have wanted to write about but have not done so out of trepidation. The first topic is the custody situation between my daughter’s father and me, and the second is dating. I will probably never write about the situation between my daughter’s father and me, because I am not sure if BD (Baby Daddy) will use what I write against me. (I am just going to wait until she is 18 and publish a book about the entire thing. (I am working on it so be ready when it does come out.))

The dating scene has been very challenging for me. (Disclaimer: I do not, have not, and will not expose my daughter to members of the opposite sex that I may have interest in.) Due to the fact that my daughter is so young, I have not gotten back into the dating scene until recently. I live in a city full of married people. All of my friends are married so I have no wing man to assist me on ventures out (This is probably a good thing because the bar scene is not really my thing). My mom, who doesn’t understand why I don’t have dates because I have so much going for me (her words not mine), suggested an online dating site. My luck I would end up with a stalker like the Craigslist killer or fall in love with someone that lives in Alaska. Besides it seems very time consuming. My ever optimistic mother has also suggested attending churches with large singles groups. My reply to this suggestion is that God would know that I have ulterior motives and would not allow me to meet someone there. Besides when I do go to church I see plenty of men … sitting next to their wives. At the singles gathering it will be a bunch of women standing around talking about their kids. So I have relied on what I do very well, which is network. I have been asking people I know (or strangers I meet in passing) if they have any single friends. If so here is my card. Actually, I have done everything short of wearing a sandwich board sign that reads “I’m Single!” Fortunately, this networking has gotten me some dates. Ok it’s gotten me 2, but it’s a start. Unfortunately, instead of dipping my toe into the dating sea and easing into it, I dive head first and realize the water is cold, deep, and I have forgotten how to swim.

Dating is hard enough as it is. Playing the game, wondering if he likes you, and when will that guy call you???!!!!!! Dating for the single parent is a double edged sword. When a woman with no children dates a man that has children, he is endearing and attractive. (This status tells a woman that this guy is capable of committing and can reproduce.) When a man with no children dates a woman that has children she suddenly has baggage. It’s like gray hair, on a man it is distinguished, on a woman it is a nightmare. I feel like when I meet someone I should be honest and say, “I have been emotionally battered. The past 2 years of my life have been something out of a Lifetime movie. I have a daughter who I love more than life itself, and I am looking for someone who will fall in love with both of us. If you think you are incapable of this, CHECK PLEASE!” Yeah that’s a great way to make a first impression and have the guy tuck tail and run!

I am being honest when I say, I want to be married. I want a family. I want someone to make breakfast for on Saturday mornings. However, through a recent escapade I realized that I am not ready. I think I am, but the truth is, I’m broken. My life is not a romantic comedy where some perfect guy will swoop in and make everything all better.  The only person who can mend my brokenness is me, with God's help. (Glad I have admitted this to myself and all of you because this will some money and a session with my therapist $$) When I do go out on future dates I will recognize that it is just for fun and for goodness sake stay away from wine! I am not giving up on dating or on men. I know there is someone out there that will offer me everything I am looking for, it is just not now. Besides, I have to date. Dating gives me topics for my book The Unexpecting Mommy’s Guide to Dating.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

As my second Mother’s Day comes to a close I am exhausted from a wonderful day spent with my daughter and my own mother.  As I sit here writing I notice dried sweet potato on my right shoulder from dinner, my hair is damp from bath time splashes, and my lower back aching from tossing my daughter in and out of the water in the pool.  All of this makes me think what it means to be a mom.  For that matter, what does it mean to be a good mom?  My first year as a mom has taught me so much.  I have learned a love that I would have never known had my daughter not been born.  I have found happiness in bike rides to the park and wagon rides around the back yard.  I have found patience and the ability to live with a cluttered house.  (I have toys in every room of my house, even my closet!)  I am not sure if all of this makes me a “good mom”, but I know that my daughter is the most important thing in my life.  I show her love and affection.  I teach her and share with her the daily wonders of newly found treasures.  I make sure she is happy (ok she is totally spoiled but I can’t help it).  I love being a mom.  The sweetest words I have ever heard were when my daughter uttered Mama!  What joy!!!! 
I think of my own mother who, in my opinion is the world’s greatest mom.  She has always been there for me when I needed her.  Today she is my best friend, and I don’t know where I would be without her.  She is definitely a great mom.  To all my fellow Mom’s, I hope you have had a wonderful Mother’s Day; a day that has been filled with children telling you how special you are, kisses, and handmade cards.  Each day I have with my little angel is Mother’s Day for me and I thank God for that.  I must put this post to a close, I have to go wash my hair as I just found sweet potato matted in it.  
AHHHH the rewards of Mommy hood!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


People wonder why I drive 3 hours round trip to buy fresh milk from a dairy farmer.  If I could I would grow all the food my daughter and I eat.  I did a research project in college on the effects of fast food advertisements on the obesity rates in children.  In my research I learned so much about the food we eat and what is actually in it.  Ever wonder why our children are large?  I don't mean obese, I mean tall and bigger boned?  Why girls are developing at the age of 9?  The majority of our foods like meats and dairy are full of hormones and steroids that we ingest daily.  Remember that old saying "You are what you eat".  Read this article below and think about what you are eating, but more importantly what you are giving your children.   

I strongly recommend you avoid milk that has the added growth hormone rBGH.
Top experts on cancer prevention; have been speaking out against rBGH in milk, for years.
rBGH milk is loaded with high levels of a natural growth factor (IGF-1), excess levels of which have been incriminated as major causes of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
But that's not all. You very well may be drinking rBGH milk and not know it, because no labels are required. This is despite the fact that nearly every American wants it labeled, but the government does not require this on the label.
In addition to the issue of increased IGF-1 levels, these differences include:
Contamination of milk by the GM hormone rBGH
Contamination by pus and antibiotics resulting from the high incidence of mastitis in rBGH-injected cows
Contamination with illegal antibiotics and drugs used to treat mastitis and other rBGH-induced disease
Increased concentration of the thyroid hormone enzyme thyroxin-5'-monodeiodinase
Increased concentration of long-chain and decreased concentration of short-chain fatty acids
A reduction in levels of the milk protein casein."
You can find labels that say"rBGH-free" , organic milk is also rBGH-free.
This is certainly preferable to milk that contains this dangerous hormone ... but I still don't recommend drinking any milk, organic or otherwise, that is pasteurized, because the process of pasteurization destroys enzymes that make milk digestible. After pasteurization the vitamin C in milk is gone, much of the calcium is rendered insoluble making milk not a source of calcium and misleading when you consume it for that reason. Pasteurization makes milk constipating and generally takes all the nutritious benefit from milk.

You can avoid both the risks of rBGHand pasteurization by drinking raw milk that comes from a small farmer you know and trust. This is the only way to drink milk if you're interested in 
protecting your health.
You are the only one who will protect your health!

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