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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


People wonder why I drive 3 hours round trip to buy fresh milk from a dairy farmer.  If I could I would grow all the food my daughter and I eat.  I did a research project in college on the effects of fast food advertisements on the obesity rates in children.  In my research I learned so much about the food we eat and what is actually in it.  Ever wonder why our children are large?  I don't mean obese, I mean tall and bigger boned?  Why girls are developing at the age of 9?  The majority of our foods like meats and dairy are full of hormones and steroids that we ingest daily.  Remember that old saying "You are what you eat".  Read this article below and think about what you are eating, but more importantly what you are giving your children.   

I strongly recommend you avoid milk that has the added growth hormone rBGH.
Top experts on cancer prevention; have been speaking out against rBGH in milk, for years.
rBGH milk is loaded with high levels of a natural growth factor (IGF-1), excess levels of which have been incriminated as major causes of breast, colon, and prostate cancers.
But that's not all. You very well may be drinking rBGH milk and not know it, because no labels are required. This is despite the fact that nearly every American wants it labeled, but the government does not require this on the label.
In addition to the issue of increased IGF-1 levels, these differences include:
Contamination of milk by the GM hormone rBGH
Contamination by pus and antibiotics resulting from the high incidence of mastitis in rBGH-injected cows
Contamination with illegal antibiotics and drugs used to treat mastitis and other rBGH-induced disease
Increased concentration of the thyroid hormone enzyme thyroxin-5'-monodeiodinase
Increased concentration of long-chain and decreased concentration of short-chain fatty acids
A reduction in levels of the milk protein casein."
You can find labels that say"rBGH-free" , organic milk is also rBGH-free.
This is certainly preferable to milk that contains this dangerous hormone ... but I still don't recommend drinking any milk, organic or otherwise, that is pasteurized, because the process of pasteurization destroys enzymes that make milk digestible. After pasteurization the vitamin C in milk is gone, much of the calcium is rendered insoluble making milk not a source of calcium and misleading when you consume it for that reason. Pasteurization makes milk constipating and generally takes all the nutritious benefit from milk.

You can avoid both the risks of rBGHand pasteurization by drinking raw milk that comes from a small farmer you know and trust. This is the only way to drink milk if you're interested in 
protecting your health.
You are the only one who will protect your health!

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