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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Product I am LOVING!

Before I get into my new favorite product I have decided to give my daughter a name.  As most of my readers know I do not use my daughter’s name in my blog posts to respect her privacy.  I have been referring to her as “my daughter”.  It is hard for people to connect with her when she has no name.  So I have decided to give her a name to use in future blogs.  I considered many names.  One of my favorites was YaYa because she says it all the time.  (I think she is calling my mom whose name is Nana).  Since before she was born I have called her my sweet angel baby, in so many ways she is my Angel.  My Angel from God, therefore, I have decided to refer to her as Angel on my post.

Now to the Ibert.
One of the best gifts I bought myself was a Schwinn bicycle.  I bought it along with a jogging stroller in an effort to lose baby weight and get back into shape.  The jogging stroller does not get to get out much.  My philosophy on running is I only like to do it if someone is chasing me with a sharp object.  Most of my “jogs” turn out to be walks.  One cul-de-sac and I’m done.  I have tried to compensate and burn more calories by doing lunges.  I have caught a few of my neighbors checking me out during my lunge exercise.  Most likely the reason is because, I do lunges beside the stroller with Angel inside.  Then I count…first in English then in Spanish.  I’m sure I look ridiculous, but that is ok because I hope Angel will be bilingual and surely my extensive Spanish counting skills will set her on the bilingual path.
Along with my bicycle I bought a bicycle seat for Angel.  I am a pro at multi-tasking and riding the bike with her is a way to do many things.  I get to be outside, breathe fresh air, exercise, and most importantly spend time with Angel.  I looked at many options when considering a seat.  Most importantly I wanted something safe.  I bought one of the Schwinn pull behind trailers thinking it would be the safest option.  However, Angel is not old enough for it yet, and it is for 2 children (hopefully one day there will be a brother or sister in there beside her).  As opposed to the seats that sit in the back of the bike these new seats that sit in the front are considered safer and allow you to talk to your child while riding.  On our rides I sing to Angel.  I show her the sky, trees, flowers, and other objects we see.  We listen to the birds chirp and on occasion dogs barking.  Some days we ride the bike to the park and stop to swing on the swings.  These seats are great for kids and allow them to grow with your child.  I strongly recommend them.  It gives me an opportunity to get some exercise, unwind after a stressful day at work, but most of all I get to spend time with the person that matters to me the most, my sweet Angel!

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