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Monday, May 16, 2011

Pure Nostalgia

Within the past month 2 of my general council (aka my BFF) have had babies.  I have mentioned my general council in previous blogs (see January 2010 Friends).  These are the friends, as well as many others, that saw me through my pregnancy, and have stood by me since the birth of my daughter.  To recap, in case you are too lazy to go back and read the blogs about them, there is Sophia, Claire, and Laura.  All 3 of these women have known me for 20+ years.  (We met when we were 5 ;) 
Sophia, my spunky tell it like it is friend, has 2 children.  Her daughter is 3 months older than my daughter, and we have decided they will be BFF’s just like we are.  Sophia is awesome!  She buys our girls the cutest matching outfits, and we dress them up like twins.  It was great having a friend to be pregnant with.  Once during our pregnancy we were driving and the song Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood came on.  We were both singing along and by the end of the song we were sobbing.  It was nice to have a best friend to cry and buy baby stuff with. 
Claire is my sweet soft spoken stay at home mother of now 3.  She home schools her kids and at times questions her sanity.  The day before my daughter’s 1st birthday she gave birth to her 2nd daughter.  In the future we will have to coordinate with each other so we don’t throw birthday parties around the same time. 
As recent at 2 weeks ago my friend Laura, now mother of 2, gave birth to her first daughter.  Laura is my sound advisor.  She is the person I go to when I need rational advice.  This, unfortunately for her is all the time.
When I first heard of both my friends pregnancy’s I was ecstatic!  When I found out they were both having girls I was set into pure nostalgia.  My 3 best friends and I were all going to have girls within 1 year apart.  Suddenly, I had visions of slumber parties, picnics, dress up days, and vacations. Yes, I have already informed them all I am expecting us to go on a Disney cruise together in 5 years. (Girls, I am holding you too this!)  I have already bought a trunk full of dress up clothes with the expectations that they (the girls) will all come over and play dress up with my little angel.  I have visions of beach weekends, Christmas parties, and when they are older a girls only trip to New York City (perhaps I will be on my book tour by then).  I can see all the pictures now.  It is going to be fantastic!
How ironic that all these baby girls, who will most certainly be my daughter’s friends, have put me in a stage of pure bliss.  I never thought when we were younger and they all were at my house for a sleep over that one day our girls would do the same.  When they do I will be sure that the garage door is completely closed and the front door is locked! 
That is an inside story that I may include in my book ;p

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