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Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Greatest Place on Earth

This past week I was in Disney World.  On the way, I rode under the welcome sign that read “Where Dreams Come True”.  At that moment I closed my eyes and made a wish. My wish was that I would get to see Angel sometime soon.  Being without her has had me sad and depressed.  I have had dreams that Angel is in the park alone and is looking for me, but I am not there.  I miss her so much.  On top of all that my house was struck by lightning (as mentioned in my previous post).  Work, loneliness, family, friends, disappointments, and financial burdens all have me down.  As much as I try to focus on the positive something negative happens and distracts me.

My second day at my resort I kept noticing numerous children in wheelchairs.  They were everywhere, and would run you over if you got in their path on their way to “The Greatest Place on Earth”.  I asked, and was informed that the children were paraplegics, some of which were terminally ill.  These children were such an inspiration to me.  When I saw them, some of whom couldn’t even move, I got a lump in my throat and began to cry (crying is a normal thing for me.  I do it all the time.  I’ve done it on a date, in front of my boss, and complete strangers).  One day while standing in the lobby of the resort, I over heard one of these children say to their parents, “It’s going to be a great day!”  This little boy was in a red wheel chair. He was about 6 years old and was not looking at what he didn’t have, but what he did.  What he had in front of him was a fun filled day at Disney World with his family, and that was all that mattered. 

When things don’t go our way or something bad happens to us, we have a tendency to focus only on that.  Sometimes, we question God and lose our faith.  I can’t stand being away from my sweet baby.  She is my entire world and the past few weeks have been hard for me without her.  Seeing these children made me thank God that Angel is healthy, safe, and will be back in my arms in no time.  The things that I’ve lost can be replaced; the things that don’t work can be repaired.  I am looking forward to what is in front of me and it’s a great life and I am thankful!

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