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Monday, June 13, 2011

Last Day in Glasses

Today is my last day in glasses!  I am very excited about my surgery tomorrow.  I mentioned that I am getting Lasik (that is what most people are familiar with), but actually I am getting PRK.  This procedure is similar to Lasik but is usually reserved for people with REALLY bad vision, like myself.  Getting ready for surgery has probably been worse than the surgery will be.  You have to wear glasses for at least 3 weeks before surgery, which doesn’t seem that bad, and for most people it probably isn’t. For me on the other hand it is horrible!  First, I can’t see to put my make up on so I have been leaving the house with eyeliner that looks like Amy Winehouse.   
Second, my prescription sunglasses are about 5 years old, so not only are they out of style they are also not the right prescription.  This means that for the past 3 weeks I have been driving around with my regular sunglasses over my prescription glasses.  This has definitely gotten some looks from other drivers on the interstate.  Finally, sometimes you forget you are wearing glasses.  I know this seems absurd, especially when like me, you are wearing 2 coke bottle bottoms, but it can happen.  Last night for instance, I got in the shower with my glasses on.  I didn’t realize they were on until I started seeing water droplets on my lenses.  I took them off and am thankful I read the shampoo bottle before I washed my hair because I would have conditioned before I washed.  Thank goodness I don’t keep any Nair in my shower.  That could have ended up really bad!

My first weekend without my Angel wasn’t too bad.  Friday night I didn’t go home.  I stayed with my family and we all laughed, cried, and missed Angel together.  I have an amazing family and am so grateful for them.  Saturday I went home, did some things around my house, took a nap, then went over to my sisters, had dinner with her family, and proceeded to stomp my niece, Faith, in “Just Dance”.  When I got home I crawled in the bed and leaned over to turn on my baby monitor only to remember there is nothing on the other end for me to listen to.  That was hard, but I have done that before when she was gone.  Sunday I went to church, and later caught up with friends who had called to check on me. 
I have come to the conclusion that I have to accept this situation as it is.  Things could be worse, I could have been a victim of a tornado or flood, and have lost every precious memento of my Angel.  Sometimes we don’t understand why things happen how they do, but I know there is a reason for everything.  At least I know Angel is happy, well taken care of, and I will get to see her again very soon. 

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