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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What Stinks?

            Since the heat has been ridiculous degrees Fahrenheit, boot camp is being held inside a gymnastic studio. The moment you walk into this place the smell of foot odor is so pungent it will knock you out.  Tonight the other members and I proceeded to the main arena for our class.  I wanted to stretch before we started so I sat down on the giant blue carpet which had a smiley face drawn on it in chalk, and as I leaned forward to bring my nose as close to my knee as possible I got a intense whiff of feet.  Not only did this carpet stink like a gym locker room, there was hair intertwined in it, strands of blond silk woven into blue stench.  I was disgusted by this carpet and decided to stand up and stretch as not to be attacked by the obvious little children germs and bacteria.

          After 45 minutes of pushups, squats, plank poses, triceps dips, pull ups, and jogging in place it was time for us to embrace the carpet and do crunches.  FINALLY, we could lie down.  That sweat filled, germ infested, foot smelling, rug was suddenly appealing to me.  I was worn out that I did not care that I was lying on a habitat for all kinds of God knows what.  I feel great and have decided that I will not need to get a flu shot this year, as I am sure I have now built up immunity to almost anything. I am sure tomorrow I will not be able to lift my arms up.  Is that a good reason to call in sick to work?  I can only imagine what next class will be like,
but at least my butt is a little firmer. 
          The disgusting odors in the gym help me take my mind off 
the other things going on in my life that sink!

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