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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Act like a Child

Have you ever been told you are acting like a child?  Well, unless you were wearing a poopy diaper or lying on the floor in a conference room because someone took the last √©clair, this could have been meant as a compliment.  This weekend I took in all of the wonderful things Angel does as a child.  When she wakes up in the morning normally I put her in the bed with me hoping to get a few more minutes of sleep, when she does get up, she wakes up smiling saying hi, most of the time she lays her head on my chest and gives me kisses.  She is so sweet and thankful for another day.  I think about how I wake up, and unless it is to her sweet kisses, I usually beg for 5 more minutes then, UGH, drag myself to the coffee pot.  Another thing I noticed about Angel is she loves herself.  I have a full length mirror in my bathroom, and every morning while I am getting ready she goes to it and kisses it.  (This is something I haven’t done since 2nd grade.)  She enjoys making faces and pointing at her reflection.  This made me think that when we as adults look in the mirror we are so critical of ourselves.  We see fine lines, deep creases, and don’t forget about melasma (No, melasma is not some little girl that lives down the street.  See my post Vanity O Vanity).  All she sees is a beautiful person, which she is, just as we are.  Sunday, we were at Target, and she was waving to every person she saw and saying “HI”.  When she is around other children she goes right up to them and hugs them.  It makes me wonder why don’t we do that? (Ok not the hugging part.  If you walked up to a perfect stranger and hugged them you might get arrested.)  We could be friendlier though.  Children are so carefree and why shouldn’t they be?  They don’t have to worry about deadlines, relationships, or finances.  They are just happy to be alive and that there are other people around to share life with.  They mostly learn from us, but perhaps we should take a lesson from them.

So the next time someone tells you, you are acting like a child take it as a compliment.  Unless you are eating something you don’t like, spiting it into your hand, and throwing it on the floor.  Hopefully, it’s because you are a little more loving, open, and carefree. 


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