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Monday, September 12, 2011


Most of you know I like to offer suggestions on things I like or find useful.  I have a great suggestion on a couple of things.  If you like sappy, piano synthesizer, 80’s music you have to check out Australian band “1927” complete with mullet hair do’s.  My Aussie friend Paul introduced me to the song If I Could.  This is the type of song you slow danced to at your 8th grade dance.  Where you and the boy were at arms distance looking at the floor going around in a circle.  It is also the type of song you play over and over after a break up (which I have been doing since I heard it).  The story is about a guy who is in love with another girl who is pregnant with another guy’s child, only in an 80’s song or movie does this happen.  Anyway, check it out as well as some of their other songs which should take you back.
While I am offering suggestions let me also suggest 3 books; Straight Talk by Steve Harvey, It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken by Greg Behrendt and his wife Amiira, and Are You There Vodka It’s Me Chelsea, by Chelsea Handler. 
I love Straight Talk because Steve Harvey tells it to you straight.  If you wanted to get relationship advice from a man read this book.  This book addresses what you want in a man, what you don’t want in a man, and what to do with them once you get one.  It’s Called a Break Up Because It’s Broken  is authored by a husband and wife that go through the reasons why we break up, and the reason why when we do break up it is best to leave that relationship ALONE.  My favorite story in this book is the rationalization we do during a breakup with booze brains.  Yes, this would be the classic drunk text or phone call.  We all have done it and think it is such a good idea when Jose Cuervo has taken over, but the next day when we realize what we’ve done we are filled with dread and Jose is off laughing at us.  Are You There Vodka It’s Me Chelsea is just hysterical!  This book is filled with personal stories from the author in her own dry, cynical, and sometimes raunchy way.  If you need a good laugh check this book out.   

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