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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Squeaker Shoes

The creator of the squeaker shoes must not have children of their own.  These precious little shoes could be compared to a medieval torture device for parents.  The first pair you buy seem like a good idea.  You think, these polka dot Mary Jane shoes that make a high pitch squeak sound with every step your child takes, will be adorable on their feet.  Little do you know that this sound quickly becomes annoying, very annoying.  Yes, I am aware that you can remove the squeaker from the shoe, but in the mind of the child a squeaker shoe that doesn’t squeak is pointless.  When your child has these shoes on they want to walk, run, jump, and even attempt cartwheels to make the squeak squuueeeeeeeeekkkk. 
I was in Target the other day and Angel had a pair of these shoes on.  My plan was to run in get a few things and get out.  We all know that is never how things happen.  Angel did not want to be in the basket, she wanted “Down”.  To prevent a total meltdown I allowed her to get down and walk around.  Squeak, Squeak, Squeak, Squeak she went.  A few people commented, “Oh how cute” or something to that effect.  The attention that they gave her made her smile and stomp all the more.  Those comments were on the first isle.  By isle 5 these same people were starting to give me looks.  I told one lady that had commented on the cuteness of these shoes, “Their not so cute anymore are they?”  But Angel loves them, and if an annoying sound brings a smile that big to her face, I’ll just buy some ear plugs for myself and all those around me.

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