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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Monkey See Monkey Do

As Angel gets older she is exploring, watching, and speaking more.  As we all know most children learn buy observing the world around them.  This means they say what you say and want to do what you do.  In the mornings I sit at my vanity and put my makeup on.  Angel will crawl up beside me and want to do what I do.  She grabs my brushes and strokes them across her face and mine.  I have given her her own brushes that have been cleaned, because she and I both were ending up with purple streaks on our face. 
She will repeat almost anything.  This includes things you ask her to say as well as things you just say.  I recently stole the word poodles from Sophia as my swear word.  I have said this in conversation with people and have even incorporated it in text.  I figured better to do that then let another word slip.  It may sound funny hearing a grown woman say “AW Poodles!”  But in my opinion this is better than a 2 year old saying “AW insert 4 letter word here!"

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