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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Family Traditions

Christmas time is a time full of family traditions; decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, going to see Santa, listening to Christmas music, watching beloved Christmas classics, the telling of Jesus birth, and being with friends and family.  Since I can remember my family and I would decorate our Christmas tree the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My sister and I would get the decorations from the attic while my mom made cookies and other yummy goodies; Bing Crosby would be singing White Christmas in the background, a crackling fire would be in the fire place (except when it was 60+ degrees outside (which was often)).  We would take our time and reminisce over old ornaments and previous holidays.  It was always fun and something I looked forward to each year. 
Since I left home I have continued this tradition with my family and on my own, especially now that I have Angel.  I want Christmas time to be magical for her.  This past weekend I kept with tradition.  Saturday I got everything down from the attic and got my tree.  I knew this year would be better than last year because she is older and would actually get into decorating.  I invited my family and special friends over to take part of the decorating fun.  Instead of Bing Crosby we listened to the tunes of The Wiggles new Christmas DVD…… (YAY!).  Angel was so precious ooooooing and ahhhhing over the ornaments and lights.  She loved the shiny colored balls, little characters, and the star that went on top of the tree.  I even showed her, her hand and foot print ornaments we made last year and how much she has grown.  She didn’t get the concept of hanging the ornaments on the tree.  Instead she would shove them in the branches.  We all enjoyed watching her excitement and curiosity.  She especially enjoyed taking the gold tree skirt and wearing it like a cape and wearing the red beaded garland like a necklace.  Mostly she enjoys the automated Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus that I have on either side of the fire place.  She will sit next to them say “hi”, sing Happy Birthday to you (this is because they are holding candles), and feed them cake.  I guess she is making sure that Santa stays fat! 
So our family tradition continues and delightful unforgettable memories are being made.  I am looking forward to Christmas morning when she wakes up and sees what Santa has brought for her.  I know she won’t fully understand it yet but it is the beginning of something magical!

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