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Monday, December 5, 2011

Here Comes Santa Claus

Instead of getting out in the madness of Black Friday, among shoppers that are looking for a deal on a coffeemaker or Blu Ray player, I opted to sleep off my turkey hangover.  I haven’t gotten out in that craziness since 2005 when my sister came out of a crowd with claw marks on her chest from a man trying to snatch a Game Boy from her grasp.  So the Friday after Thanksgiving we slept in, had breakfast, and loaded up to see Santa.  Angel knows about Santa from Christmas books my Mom and sister have bought for her and from the Santa Claus bib she wears year round because it’s a “big bib” (these are my Mom’s words).  It is from this giant bib that my Mom has taught her that Santa Claus says, “Ho Ho Ho”, which she can repeat with ease.  She was super excited and talked about him the entire way to the North Pole to see him.  When asked what she wanted Santa to bring her for Christmas her reply was, “oatmeal”. 

This escapade turned out like most adventures that involve young children, the curiosity and anticipation turn out to be more exciting than the event or thing itself.  Angel went through Santa’s Wonderland and saw snowmen, kissed nutcrackers, picked up presents, waved to elves and rain deer, and waited for her turn to sit on the fat man’s lap.  (I must say I feel sorry for Santa because I saw some of the people that were sitting on his lap, and I know his leg must be sore at the end of the day.  This has nothing to do with size (well, maybe a little) but there were entire families taking their pictures with him so he would have multiple people in his lap, not to mention accidentally stepping on his toes.  I would love to know what he says to Mrs. Claus when he gets home about his day.) Anyway, when it was Angel’s turn to walk down the red carpet to see Santa she giggled, ran, clapped her hands, stopped a few times to wave again to an elf or something, and finally she was about 5 feet from Santa and she turned around to run away.  She was not crying…yet.  I picked her up and told her that was Santa and it was OK.  I placed her on his lap which is right when she started screaming.  There was no amount of teddy bear shaking and silly noises that was going to get her to stop crying and smile for the camera.  She was reaching for me and calling, “Mommy” so I went and got her, and she and I, like the family before us, both sat on Santa’s lap (she still didn’t smile for the camera but at least she wasn’t screaming).  While I was on his lap I took the opportunity to tell Santa what I want for Christmas, and I am pretty sure I’m going to get it ;).  Angel will definitely get some oatmeal along with many other presents because she has been such an Angel all year. 

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