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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tis The Season

Christmas is almost here!  I have always loved Christmas, and since having Angel I love it even more.  There are certain aspects about Christmas that I haven’t always appreciated until recently.  First, are Christmas decorations, specifically outside lights.  I have found myself causing traffic delays because I am driving 5 miles per hour so Angel can look at lights as we drive down the street.  I don’t care that there is a long line of cars behind me, probably with drivers who are cursing the idiot who is driving so slowly.  Seeing her face light up with delight as we see decorated houses makes me smile.  I have even learned to appreciate the inflatable snow globes and the like which I previously thought were just lazy decorating.

Second, I have finally gotten used to that creepy little man that shows up randomly around my house to watch over Angel (I know he is watching me too!) and report back to Santa on our behavior.  For those of you who do not know what I am talking about, it is the Elf on the Shelf.  The doll is somewhat creepy.  It reminds me of a bad scary 80’s movie where the dolls come to life and kill people, but kids love it!  It is also a good way to encourage good behavior because if the children are bad the creepy little man aka the Elf will go tell Santa.  This could result in fewer toys for the children.  Angel doesn’t really get this concept yet.  She just wants to hold it, but I am sure next year it will become a clearer what it is.  I do know I will have a long relationship with this guy so I better get used to him.

My third new appreciation for Christmas is manger scenes.  My mom has one on her coffee table and was a bit concerned about Angel wanting to play with it.  After being told not to touch it a few times, Angel decided she would just add to it.  A giraffe, pink elephant, some cows, an orange horse, and 2 farmers joined Jesus in Bethlehem; at least they did that day.  Also, Angel will stand over the manger scene and say, “Hi Jesus!  What you doing?”  

I also love the way Angel says things related to Christmas.  Christmas tree = Crisscuss, Presents = peasants, and Santa Claus = Santa Cause.   I can’t wait for Christmas.  The only thing I am not looking forward to is having to assemble her toys.  At least this year I will have some help with that, and Santa sent an elf to put together her swing set (not the one on the shelf either).  

Merry Christmas to all of you!  Enjoy this time with your friends and family.  Soak in every moment with your children for these times will be with them forever!

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