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Monday, December 31, 2012


Happy New Year to everyone!  I hope 2013 brings each of you joy and happiness.  As always I have sat down and written some of my resolutions for the year.  I stole this from a friend of mine’s FaceBook page and thought I would share it with you.  It is a great concept to base your resolutions on.  Make them S.M.A.R.T, specific, meaningful, attainable, relevant and timely.  Basically, don’t resolve to lose 30 pounds in 2 weeks.  I have resolved to remove certain things from my life, everything from certain foods to people.  I think a trip is definitely in order, and this year I am thinking France or at least somewhere in Europe.  I plan on stop being so insane (doing the same thing over and over expecting different results).  I have been doing something for years now and the results are always the same.  It is time to make a change.  Of course I resolve to be better person, get organized, take better control of my finances, lose the weight I’ve gained over the holiday, yada, yada, yada.  Mostly, I want to be a better friend, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin and mother.  I want to see all of the wonderful things I have in my life instead of the things I don’t.  I am blessed in so many ways, and I know this year will have a lot to offer me.  I look forward to what the future holds.
Tonight I will be ringing in the New Year with great friends and family.  Whatever your plans are I hope they are filled with fun and excitement.  

Be safe and have a Happy New Year!!!!!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Holiday Movies

One of the great things about the holidays is all of the holiday movies!!!!  There have been so many movies that have been released since Thanksgiving.  It all started with the final chapter in the Twilight series Breaking Dawn Part II which in my opinion was awesome.  At the closing credits I got a little teary eyed feeling as if a part of my life was closing with the movie.  I am sure I won’t feel that way when I watch it again on DVD.  Other movies that have been on my list to see are Les Miserables, Life of Pi, The Hobbit, Silver Lining Playbook, Lincoln and that Cirque du Soleil movie.  Since Angel is with her Dad, and I had nothing better to do, I started scratching these movies off my list last night, starting with Les Miserables.  One thing about the majority of these movies is they are long, really long.  My advice is don’t eat or drink anything at least 2 hours before watching them, get there early to get a good seat, sit down and make friends with the people around you because you will be there a while, but hey at least you are getting your $9.00 worth, right?

I have never seen Les Miserables on Broadway so the only thing I had to compare this film to was my failed attempt of the 1998 film starring Liam Neeson, which I couldn’t get through.  Let me say this if you do not like musicals then DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE.  They sing the entire thing!  I love musicals, and I thought the movie was great.  There was an older couple sitting beside me in the theater and about and hour and a half into the movie the husband leaned over and whispered loudly to his wife, “I am going to go get a Snickers bar.”  30 minutes later the wife leaned over to me and said, “Will you watch my stuff I have to go find my husband.”  A few minutes later the husband reappeared without his wife and I told him his wife was looking for him.  His response, “I know.  I just couldn’t take any more of this.  I had to take a break!”  Of course, I was moved during Anne Hathaway’s performance of I Dreamed A Dream but, when I really lost it was when the character Eponine sang On My Own, which is about her being in love with a boy who is in love with someone else.  (I know exactly how that feels.)  Then I really lost it when {SPOILER ALERT} she took a bullet for her love and the two of them sang A Little Fall of Rain and she died in his arms.  BOO HOO!!!   At the end I wanted to stand up and cheer... that it was over.  No really, it was a really good movie.  
Ladies, take a girlfriend or a gay friend because odds are your men aint  gonna like this one.  There is plenty of eye candy in this movie.  I found my favorite, Aaron Tveit

This morning I got up and did some yoga, had a massage and got by butt ready for The Hobbit.  This movie is over 3 hours long if you include all of the previews which I recommend you see, not because they are any good, but because you want to get a good seat.  I can’t imagine having to watch a movie in the front row for 3 hours.  I was really naughty today and put my coat over the seat beside me so no one would sit next to me.  It works out nicely in case you can’t put your feet up on the seat in front of you, then you can stretch out to the side.  This movie was a great start to The Hobbit trilogy.  Yes, just like in Lord of the Rings there will be 3 movies!  I did not know this until the cliff hanger ending and of course I Googled it.  Again, if you are not a Lord of the Rings fan do not waste your 3 hours with this movie.  The one thing I want to know is what kind of makeup are they using to make these actors look so young??????  Where can I buy this?  I have seen Elijah Woods and he does not look that young anymore.  This movie is more of the same little people fighting crazy computer generated monsters and not getting hurt.  What I really don't understand is why don't the eagles that always appear to rescue the heroines, fly them to where they need to go?  If they had done that in the Lord of the Rings it would have only been 1 movie.  If you are not a die-hard fan wait for it to come out on DVD so you can pause for bathroom breaks. 

Speaking of DVD I recently watched the movie The Words on DVD and thought it was pretty good, but then there are no movies that have Ben Barnes in them that I don’t think are great.  The ending was a bit confusing like that of Inception, but still worth the watch at home. 

Tomorrow I think I will scratch another one off my list.  Perhaps one of the shorter ones I don’t think my rear end can take anymore long ones.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone!  I can’t believe that it has been almost a month since my last post.  I will admit that I have been a bit uninspired but have still had plenty to write about.  It has been a crazy busy month for me.  Of course getting ready for the holidays, shopping, parties, etc. and my job has been keeping me very busy as well.  Did I mention that I had the flu?  Oh yeah got that while traveling to Phoenix.  NOT FUN!  I do not recommend getting sick in a hotel room.  $14.00 for a glass of orange juice and some really awful chicken soup.  All I wanted was my Mom and a sedative; instead the emergency room gave me some amoxicillin and a pain killer that is 1 degree over Tylenol.  Angel was at her Dad’s which gave me the opportunity to sleep for about 18 hours straight and recuperate before she got home.  I am better now, but that was awful!
I mentioned that I have been uninspired which is true.  I have heard people say that they don’t like the holidays because it makes them sad or they get depressed when Christmas rolls around and I never understood that.  How could anyone be upset during the most wonderful time of the year????  I never understood that until this year.  The holidays can be tough on many people, perhaps they lost a loved one during the year that won’t be there to celebrate with them, they are financially stressed and the thought of buying gifts is overwhelming, or they have no one to share the season with.  I was sad this year because I am still single (this may sound silly to some, but it has been difficult for me).  I try not to write about this part of my life too often, but this is on my heart.  It all started when I got out my Christmas decorations and found the extra stocking hangers that I had bought last year.  Last year after Christmas I went shopping to get some new Christmas decorations at 50% off and found stocking hangers which came in packs of 2.
I remember standing in the store looking at them and thinking in my head, should I buy 1 pack or 2?  Of course 1 pack would be sufficient for Angel and I, but what if I am married this time next year and need another 1 or 2?  So I bought 2 packs because I had an entire year to meet someone who would fall in love with me and Angel and we would all spend Christmas together.  That, obviously, did not happen. 
Yes I know that Christmas is not about me anymore, it is about Angel.  I did everything I could think of to make Christmas magical for her just as I will do every year, but I did spend Christmas Eve crying on the phone with a friend who told me over and over, “You don’t need a man!”  No I don’t need a man, but did you NEED any of the gifts you received this year? Probably not.  I want a man and not just a man, a man that will love me for me and love my sweet Angel.  Then yesterday after a full day of present opening, great food, spending time with my wonderful family it was time for me to take Angel to meet her Dad.  Along the way I saw 4 other families exchanging their children (I guess 3:00pm is the standard time), and I thought how unfortunate for all of these children to have to leave their gifts on Christmas day.  Please don’t get me wrong I am not judging and I am thankful that Angel’s Dad loves her and wants to be with her, but still wouldn't it be nice for us all to be together?  I know in many cases that is not possible, but I would do anything to make possible for us.  I cried the entire way home after dropping her off.  Not only was my house going to be completely empty, but Angel and her Dad had to drive through some awful weather to get to his house.  (In case you have been under a rock the Southeast where we live was hit by severe weather including tornadoes on Christmas Day.)  I watched the Weather Channel until I knew they were safe, hitting my knees praying nothing would happen to them, by God’s hands we are all safe and that is a Christmas blessing. 
I do hope that all of my readers had a wonderful holiday season.  I did, even though I didn't open the 2nd pack of stocking hangers.  I guess there is always next year.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Disney World

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  I am thankful for the same things I was thankful for last year; my sweet healthy Angel, my family, my friends, my health, my job, my home, my freedom and God who loves me unconditionally. While many people, perhaps many of you, went out and braved Black Friday to try to find a deal on a toaster or another television, I loaded up my car, my daughter and my niece and headed down to Orlando to brave the happiest place on earth, also known as Disney World.  This is not a, “how to conquer Disney World blog”.  I know there are many of those out there give you a strategy on which rides to use your fast pass on and then tell you go to go to this ride and wait and then run around like a chicken with your head cut off.  (Yes, I did look at those and I did have each day’s itinerary mapped out.  Let me say this doesn't really work.  It is good to have an idea of what you want to go and do, but to have something step by step carved out is a joke.  Something will happen like the monorail will be down, a parade will march right through your plans, someone will be hungry or need to go to the bathroom.  And yes these things happened.) This is basically a blog about my experience at Disney World with a 2 1/2-year-old. I'm sure I will write a few other blogs about this experience but this is just for starters. I had a few people tell me that I should wait until Angel was older to take her, just as I am advising my readers, but I did not listen, just as I am sure many of you won’t either.

Don’t get me wrong we had a wonderful time.  The weather could not have been more beautiful.  The skies were blue and did not have a cloud in them.  It stayed in the mid 70’s during the day and did get chilly at night.  I don't know how people do Disney World in the middle of July in 95° weather.  I am pretty sure that is something I won’t do.  Angel did splendid except for the fact that she got tired very easily and needed naps.  It was a little overwhelming and over stimulating for her. I do think age 4 or 5 is prime for a first visit.  If you are going down there with any child under the age of 6, be sure to bring a stroller if you can.  Disney World does provide strollers, but they are hard plastic that do not recline.  Angel’s stroller (I used my jogging stroller that was collecting dust in my garage) was central napping headquarters.  During our day at Animal kingdom Angel slept for two hours!!!!  I eventually had to wake her out of her Disney induced slumber. I shook her and asked her if she wanted to go see a bug show, “No”, I asked her if she wanted something to eat, “No”, Did she want to go see the dinosaurs, “No”.  The only way I could get her to wake up was to tell her we could go see Goofy, which we did.

Angel wasn't very interested in riding rides, although we did ride a lot of them.  (I love waiting in line for an hour to spend 45 second spinning around.  Okay the only line that was that long was Space Mountain the rest were about 30 unless you used your Fastpass which I strongly recommend.)  What she was most interested in was seeing all the characters. I like how they do it now and allow you to wait in line to see most of the characters.  When I went when I was a kid they would come out at random times and you had to be at the right place at the right time to see them.  Many people said that she would probably be scared of the characters and cry, ugh not my child.  She ran up with arms wide open telling them all, “I love you” and giving each of them hugs and kisses.  She actually became a mini celebrity as there were people in line taking photographs of her because she was so entertaining.  While we were in line waiting to see Minnie and Daisy she would cup her hands around her mouth and yell, “Minnie, Daisy come see me!!!!”  Donald Duck even held her hand, began to walk off and waved goodbye to the crowd as if he was going home with us.

We all had a good time.  I could not have done it without the help of my niece.  She was wonderful!!!!!  I do think Angel was a little young to go.  Kids that age get tired and fussy which cause the parents to get fussy and stressed.  We did come away with great memories, stories and of course 500+ pictures!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why I Write

I have sat down in front of my computer many nights with the intentions of writing about things like trips to the circus, the fair, pumpkin patches, the zoo, attending fall festivals, about temper tantrums that show themselves on a daily basis, about the lack of privacy I have in the bathroom since we started potty training, and about my own personal struggles being single. After I get a few lines written I think, who wants to read about this? This is stuff almost every parent goes through (with the exception of being single). I can write about all of the cute and funny stuff Angel does that delights my soul, but doesn’t every parent feel that way about their child? “I have the blackest black bird” says the momma black bird.  Honestly, who wants to constantly hear about how awesome someone thinks their kid is, much less read about it?  I don't know if anyone that reads this takes anything away from it or not.  I am not sure if the advice that I sometimes give is looked at as valuable or just nonsense.  At the end of the day I guess I write this for myself and for Angel.  There are many personal things about our life I document in a journal that I keep for us. There are so many things I want to write for her. I would love to give a daily synopsis of her activity but this is the best I can do. 

As the holiday season approaches I am sure my blogs will be even sparser as I busy myself with cooking, shopping, decorating, and attending holiday gatherings. I am looking forward to the holiday but only for Angel’s sake. I know this year will be tons of fun considering she is 2 and a half and understands what is going on better than in previous years. I can’t wait for her to wake up Christmas morning and see what all Santa has brought for her. Of course this means that
creepy elf will have to come back out and watch, not only her but me as well, (see blog post Tis the Season) which I am not looking forward too. For me personally I am not looking forward to another Christmas morning alone. I never understood why the holidays caused some people to be so depressed. How can anyone be sad during "The Most Wonderful time of the Year"???  I understand now. The thought of another holiday season with no special gifts to give or receive, no kisses under the mistletoe, and of course no one to write down New Year’s resolutions with me breaks my heart. Still I will put on the happy face for Angel and make this Christmas and holiday season magical because it is not about me, it is about her. That is how it should be.  Hopefully through all of this I will find time to write some things down and if anyone is interested share it with you.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Funny Stuff

Last night I asked Angel to put on her pajamas and she looked at me and said in a very high-pitched voice “I don't think so!”

I asked her to say a prayer at dinnertime and the prayer she said was, “Now I lay me down to sleep.”

I took Angel to the Park one afternoon.  At the park there are these wooden towers for the kids to climb in.  I asked her if she wanted to climb up to the top of the Princess Tower and of course she did.  Once we were in the highest tower she looked out of the little window and yelled, at the top of her young lungs, “I'm the Queen of the Queens!” and flung her arms wide open. 

A few weeks ago I took her to the zoo and at almost every exhibit she would get as close to the animals as she could, squat down, and tell them to come here by clapping her hands or patting her hands on her knees.  She would look at me and say I want to hold _______ fill in the blank of every animal we saw.  This included the silver-back gorilla, lions, and an alligator.  While in the petting zoo she tried to give the goats and sheep kisses, right after pulling on their ears.  I couldn’t get my hand sanitizer out fast enough.

Her Dad told me that once in church she was told to be quite and she said, “SHHHH Jesus is sleeping.”  If you ask her why you have to be quite in church, that is always her answer.

While getting in the car one day she says, “I wanna see ya in a Kia!”  

In the mornings whenever I'm getting ready for work Angel loves to come and sit beside me and play with my makeup and, makeup brushes.   I have some mascara that is in a shiny hot pink tube which measures about 6 inches long.  Almost every morning she grabs it, waves it in the air and says, “It’s so MAGIC!”  I am guessing she thinks it is her magic wand and it is, as long as she doesn’t open it.  

Angel loves to lie down on the driveway and have me outline her in chalk.  We will dress this chalk version of her, add hair, and of course a face, which is always happy.  She usually wants the chalk version to wear what she actually has on, this includes shoes, shirts, pants, hair bow, and of course big girl panties. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger?

Today started out like a typical Monday morning, up at 6:00, coffee, make-up, get dressed, do my hair, and of course, get Angel up, try to get her to go potty, have her climb up on my vanity and pull out every one of my make-up brushes eventually knocking the entire container on the floor, pick all that up, argue with her about what she wants to wear, (apparently she is unaware that the temperature has fallen and still wants to wear shorts) fix her hair, give her a granola bar that she is screaming that she wants, get all of my stuff together for work, get Angel’s shoes on and load everything in my car.  It is only 7:00.  I turn the key of my car and it won’t crank.  Try again, nothing.  I am no expert on cars, but the radio comes on and as well as everything on the dash so I think it is the alternator.  I try one more time for good measure and nada.  GREAT!  I get Angel out, head back inside, turn the TV to entertain her, and begin making phone calls; my mom, my boss, a towing company, etc.  After spending nearly 45 minutes on the phone I waited with Angel on the tow truck.  I got her breakfast ready, finally got her to go potty, and read some books with her.  

The tow truck driver got to my house, said he didn’t think it was the alternator he thought it was the starter and instructed me as to how we were going to get my car out of the garage which was pulled all the way in nose first.  I told Angel that I was going outside for a minute and she needed to stay inside and watch Mickey Mouse.  I got in my car, put it in neutral, and steered as the driver pushed it out and down my driveway, this took about 2 minutes.  My Mother pulled up behind my car as soon as I got it into the street.  I had called her and asked her to come and get Angel in case I had to ride in the tow truck not wanting for Angel to have to go.  I got out of my car and with my super sensitive Mommy ears heard Angel screaming.  The driver was in mid-sentence and I took off running in a pair of Betsy Johnson 6”stilettos.  I got to the door in the garage where I could hear her crying and realized that she had locked the door, a door that I did not have a key to at that moment.  My Mother who had limped up the driveway (she has a pinched nerve in her back most likely from picking Angel up all day) joined me there and we began trying to coach Angel on how to unlock the door.  I ran around to the back only to realize that my gate was locked as well.  I ran back to the door trying to keep my composure, encouraging her to turn the lock.  Finally, she was able to get it unlocked.  I scooped her up in my arms and held her tightly to me still holding back tears.  I tried to lighten the mood and distract her by asking if she was playing hide and seek with me.  She was fine and began to laugh, excited to see my Mom.  

I got Angel into my Mom’s car, finished up things with the tow truck guy, who was I’m sure ready to get out of here, and went inside to wait on the rental car.  As soon as I sat down, I lost it and began to sob.  How could so much happen in such a short amount of time?  I feel like I have been run over by an emotional truck.  It's barely 9:00 and I still have to go to work.  I tried looking on the bright side; thank God this happened at my house and not somewhere far from home.  Then I thought if what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger than I am SuperWoman!
I was going to super impose my face on this picture but Enterprise just got here.  Maybe this is who I will be for Halloween?

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm Too Sexy for my T-Shirt

I have often been accused of wearing shirts a tad too small for me.  I don't like wearing typical T-shirts.  I find them billowing and unflattering….. on me.  Unlike most people I don't own many T-shirts or buy them when I go to concerts, new restaurants, when I travel or attend other assorted events where T-shirts are typically sold. Normally if I get one for free I give it away.  I only own one T-shirt from a concert and it is from The Cranberries tour in 1995.  The 2 other T-shirts that I own are an original Laura Croft T-shirt that I got from comic con in 1999 and another one that is signed by Nikki Six from Motley Crue.  My friend Sophia loves to retell the story of my famous Harry Potter T-shirt that I wore constantly back in the day when Harry Potter first came out. I am a huge Harry Potter fan and could not find an adult T-shirt that wasn’t cheesy (I know that is an oxymoron, but I don’t care), but I did find one in the children's section of JC Penny. It was white with gold Harry Potter letters written across what should've been the middle part of a child’s torso.  The shiny gold letters were right under my chin and of course my midriff showed.  (This was way before I had a baby.)  My tiny T-shirt wearing became a running joke, and my family bought me a T-shirt from baby gap as a gag gift one year, saying it was just my size. 

I feel like shirt T-shirts are something that should be worn whenever you are going to work out or to work in the yard.  When I work out (because let’s be honest I don’t do yard work, anymore) I like for my shirts to be fitted and snug. I didn't really realize how small my shirts were until last week when Angel pulled out one of my favorite “T-shirts” which was a Dr. Seuss Green Eggs and Ham T-shirt and put it on (I probably got this one in the kids section too).  It did not fit her like a regular T-shirt should, she is only 2, but it did fit her like a nightgown.  It was at this point that I came to the conclusion that my family and friends are correct.  I do wear my T-shirts tad too fitted.  That being said it doesn’t change my preference.  Now I have the perfect person to give them to … until they get too tight on her.  Then she will have to give them up!  There’s no way I am letting my daughter go out with a tight shirt on! ;)

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ate dirt

Yesterday I had another embarrassing experience on the bicycle with Angel.  We were on our way to the park and as usual she was yelling for me to go faster.  My legs were sore and on fire before we even left our street as a result from the insane Pilates work out the day before.  I peddled as hard and as fast as I could and in typical fashion it wasn’t fast enough for my speed demon.  I really don’t think I am that out of shape.  I swear it is the bike.  Perhaps the chain is too tight, the tires are low, or the gears are off?  I can’t be that bad, can I?

Anyway, we got to the park and began our obstacle course of swinging, seesawing, sliding, and climbing on the monkey bars, and on the dome.  She is Miss Independent now and told me to swing, just a little bit, while she went down the slide all by herself.  A little while later the sun began to set and I announced it was time for us to go home.  Angel being a typical 2 year old decided to she wanted to go down the slide a few more times before we left. Her 3rd time down she chose to slide down on her belly, face first.  I had never seen her slide this way before and thought she would slow herself down when she got close to the bottom like she does when she slides on her rear end.  I stood beside the slide and watched her go down.  It was almost like it happened in slow motion, she slid on her belly with her arms out like Superman, but when she got close to the bottom she didn’t slow down, she maintained her speed and slid right off the slide face first into the dirt.  I jumped, scooped her up and held her to me.  I took my shirt and with trembling hands wiped her tears, the dirt from around her face and off her tongue looking for scratches, blood, loose teeth, any sign that she was injured and needed to go to the hospital (okay I overreact, what mother doesn’t when their baby has been hurt?).  As soon as she was all cleaned up she looked at me and said, “Do again”.  Ugh no Mommy has had enough heart stopping excitement for the day.  Next time I may make her keep her bicycle helmet while we are there.