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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I want to thank you for all of the gifts you left for Angel this year.  Between you and my family I now need a bigger house.  Of all your gifts my favorite has to be the portable DVD player that now plays behind my head in my car.  As if I don’t have to watch The Wiggles enough as it is.  This wondrous device has made rides to Nana’s a lot quieter with the exception of hot potato hot potato.  The first time I saw these things I was like, wow that is some lazy parenting to allow your child to watch movies while in the car all the time.  Don’t children watch enough television?  What happened to singing and playing I spy?  I remember when I was little and my family and I drove to Disney World; I colored, read, and annoyed my sister.  Isn’t that what road trips are all about?  Ugh, no they are about peace and quite!  Angel and I haven’t taken any long road trips, but when we do I now have the ultimate peace keeper.  Bad parenting?  Whatever!  More like absolute genius.
The other thing that I love and am looking forward to is the inflatable bouncer.  Now my neighbors will despise me even more with my junked up yard and new brightly colored jumping pen to add to my collection.  I am hoping to redeem myself by inviting their kids down to play in it. 
Finally, thank you so much for the 4 pair of squeaker shoes that Angel is so exited about wearing!  What were you thinking?  Was the other noise making toys not enough?!  Between you and my sister who got Angel a tent that has taken over my living room I have no space and no quite time.  I guess it is all worth it because she loves very bit of it!  All I ask is next year please bring me a playroom to add to my house to put all of this stuff in. 

P.S.  I am guessing since Bradley Cooper was not under my tree you could not fit him down my chimney?  Let me know when you want to bring him by and I will leave my front door open so he can walk right in.  Feel free to bring him soon as I am sure he is cold up there at the North Pole.

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