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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Do The Potty Dance

If by reading the title of this blog the “Potty Dance” song became stuck in your head, you either have children or watch way too much television targeted towards toddlers.  Recently we decided to introduce Angel to the potty.  I got the slip on diapers, a potty seat that goes on the toilet and her own potty chair, not sure which one she would take to.  Since she was only 20 months when she was introduced to the potty I decided not to be too pushy as we have plenty of time for her to get comfortable with the idea of going to the bathroom in the potty.  As most parents that have potty trained children know, this can be a tedious stage in a child’s development.  My friends that have boys and girls have told me it is easier to train girls than boys.  I take solace in that. 
The little pamphlet that the pediatrician gave me (which looks like it was developed in the 70’s) suggested that the child watch the same sex parent go to the bathroom.  Again, anyone with children will admit that their child has seen them potty many times before potty training was even an issue.  As a single parent I don’t even go to the bathroom with the door closed, and even if I leave it somewhat cracked within few seconds after I sit down I have a visitor.  Now when I sit down in Angel’s presence we have to listen and then cheer.  One night I tried to get her to go to the potty before taking a bath, she was not interested, squirmed off, and ran away.  I chased after her and when I finally caught her she peed on me.  I am sure this will not be the last time this will happen.  It’s funny some days she is interested and some days she will have nothing to do with the potty. 
This past Tuesday I got a phone call from my Mom with some news, Angel poo pooed in the potty!!!!  She told me herself.  I am in an office full of people cheering for her!  I got a few glances when some people heard me say “Mommy is so proud of you for going poo poo in the potty!” After I got off the phone I had to tell somebody so I told a lady I was sitting next to.  Being a mother herself, she smiled at me and said, “Isn’t it amazing that something like that can make us so happy?”  YES!!!  Whether Angel is successful going to the potty I always encourage her with “good try”.  When she does go I cheer so much you would think I won the lottery.
My friend Sophia’s daughter Izzie, who is 3 months older than Angel, has pretty much potty trained herself.  We were over at their house yesterday and Sophia has 2 potty chairs in the kid’s bathroom.  One looks like a throne for a princess complete with a hot pink crown on the back and sound effects.  The other is a green frog that was her son’s.  I walked into the bathroom and both of our girls are sitting on these potty’s with their pants down and smiles on their faces.  Sophia got pictures of this, which I am sure they will hate us for when they are 16. 

As we embark on this next stage of adventure I am sure there will be many more ups and downs, hits and misses, and poo poo’s and pee pee’s.  One thing is for sure I now go to bed singing that “Potty Dance” song instead of a Wiggles song.  I am still unsure if this is a good thing or not?

****A few hours after I posted this Angel came to me and said, "tee tee potty", excited and afraid the moment would pass before it started I ran with her to the bathroom, snatched off her diaper, and placed her on the potty.  While we were listening I smelt something and thought for a second we would have a big reason to celebrate when I turned to look behind me and there on the floor was....... yep you guessed it.  I must have slung it out of her diaper when I was trying to get it off.  We laughed so hard we forgot about the reason we were there to begin with!
Potty Training 1 - Mommy 0

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