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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Make Up

Like most people I like to get organized and clean things out at the beginning of the new year.  As they say, out with the old in with the new.  While Angel was at her Dads, I got busy and cleaned out her room, my office, my pantry, and my vanity.  That is when I decided that I should write about some of my favorite make up products.  (If you’re a guy you can stop reading now.)  Now, I don’t claim to be an expert, but I do claim to buy a lot of make up that I don’t ever use.  I, like most women can walk into a store like Sephora and drop some serious money.  All of the enticing shades of color in powders and tubes, and bottles filled with empty promises of youth and beauty are too much to resist.  So here are some of my favorite make up products. 
I always start my make up regime by using sunscreen.  If your moisturizer does not have sunscreen in it, buy one that does.  Philosophy Miracle Worker is a great choice.

  • I have no idea how much money I have wasted on trying to find the perfect foundation, but I know it is a lot.  As many of my readers know I dealt with melasma (the discoloration of the skin due to hormones) during and after my pregnancy.  Even before then I searched for the perfect foundation.  I have oily skin, and living in the South in the middle of the summer doesn’t help me either.  It seemed like I would put it on in the morning and by lunch my foundation would have slid off my face into my lap.  I have tried them all; liquids, cream to powders, minerals, even aerosols (don’t ask, but yes they do make foundation in a can you can spray on).  I have a wide spectrum from expensive department store brands to the less expensive drug store brands, and the one I love the most is Revlon Color Stay.  I swear by this stuff.  It offers great coverage that last all day, it is not heavy on the skin, and it is not very expensive.
  • My next favorite product that I can’t do without is MAC Prep Prime Eye which is a shadow base.  Applying this on the entire eye lid before putting on eye shadow helps keep your eye makeup from creasing. 
  • There are so many good eye shadows that offer intense color or subtle enhancement that I have a few of everything.  Many of the brands have the color coordinated packs that have complimentary colors that enhance your eye color.  You can’t mess it up!  Urban Decay, Smashbox, MAC, Bobbie Brown, and drug store brands are good.
  • I love MAC’s gel eyeliner.  The key to eyeliner is getting a good brush depending on if you want it really thick or thin and precise.
  • Mascara is like foundation for me, I have tried many of them.  I like Buxom, Almay’s Get up and Grow and Maybelline’s Full and Soft.  I have tried some of the new ones that promise to make your lashes look fake, coating each one.  What they really do is clump.  What’s worse is they are a pain to get off.  You will end up with dark circles from mascara remints. 
  • This brings me to eye make up remover.  My friend Charlotte introduced me to the wipes from Neutrogena which are great for all over but my favorite is Sephora’s brand of waterproof eye makeup remover.
  • One thing all women love is lip gloss.  Every woman I know has her favorite lip gloss.  I love the Bigelow brand, HotPants, Buxom, and my all-time favorite is MAC Viva Glam IV.  It is the perfect shade for anyone.
I hope this helps and if any of you have any insight or suggestions I would love to read your comments!!! 

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