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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oh How Fast They Grow!

I remember picking on my friend Claire after she told me the story of sending her son off to school in pants that were entirely too short for him.  “High waters” she had referred to them because the hem was between his calf and ankle.  He was embarrassed because he looked like he was wearing a pair of his little sisters pants, but Claire sent him off to school like that anyway.  “I swear I just bought those pants 2 months ago!” she told me.  “How could he have grown so much so fast?”

Children do grow up so fast.  I remember people telling me that Angel would be grown before I knew it, and I am starting to feel that way now.  The other day I went to dress her with a pair of navy blue cotton pants with multi colored polka dots on them.  She already had the hot pink shirt on that went with them which fit fine.  The pants were a different story.  As soon as I put them on I found myself in a similar situation as Claire.  These pants which she has only worn one other time were too short!  So I grabbed a pair of blue jeans that were boot cut in style and had hearts embroidered on the right leg.  They fit in length but would not button.  Angels round Buddha belly, that I love to tickle and blow kisses on, was sticking out too much for me to button them.  I thought about letting her wear them low around her waist, so that her belly hung over the waist band like aging men do, then quickly decided against it.  Running late for work and frustrated I took those pants off of her too.  

I pushed on her belly like the Pillsbury dough boy and asked if she had worms, she giggled and grabbed her belly where I had pushed.  I was waiting for her to offer me a crescent roll when I realized I had to get going.  Not having much time to put together another outfit I grabbed a pair of pants that were 2T.  2T!!!! When did she get into a 2T?????  

I almost started to cry.  Have 2 years already passed?  Almost.  I can’t believe it.  Angel is getting so big, astonishing me more each day.  She knows all her ABC’s can recognize her letters, can count to 10 in English, Spanish, and I recently found out French.  She is forming sentences and has an incredible outgoing personality.  

Some people don’t understand why I want to spend every moment I can with her.  It is because these moments are fleeting and will be gone in the blink of an eye.  Soon I will be writing about her attending her first day of kindergarten.  I know I will cry on that day!  I am happy that she is growing up healthy and strong.  She won’t be little forever so while she is I will continue to enjoy every second.  Although I wonder if I put a brick on her head it would take a little longer?   

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