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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What's important

I haven't written on my blog in a while because I felt like I really didn't have anything important to write about.  I have thought about topics like; sleeping, potty training, my personal life…….. again, but didn’t feel like my readers would find any of them very interesting.  My previous blogs were about milestones and very firsts.  Now that Angel is almost 2 the big milestones have been hit.  So after being asked by one of my friends when I was going to write again I decided to write about the things that I find exciting, momentous, and humorous. 
The other day Angel and I were at the park.  While sitting opposite me on the seesaw she looked at me and yelled out “I CAN NOT BE LIEVE IT!” for no reason at all.  I have no idea what there was not to believe, but I busted out laughing.  Since she saw that she could make me laugh with that comment, I have heard it every night since then.  Funny comments children make make me wonder what is going on in their tiny heads.  Yesterday, I was brushing Angel’s hair and again out of nowhere she points her right finger up in the air and says “AHA I have an idea!”  I asked her if her idea was how I should fix her hair and she said, “Pigtails”.  Great idea!
There are certain things that I find odd that Angel does, for instance the child loves to drink bathtub water.  I tell her every night it's disgusting and not to drink it yet she chooses to drink it anyway.  It makes no sense to me????  Doesn’t she realize there are germs, dead skin, dirt, and other things floating in this water she so willingly consumes??  I guess 2 year olds aren't too concerned about that kind of stuff.  All she thinks about is putting this dirty water in her mouth and spitting it out like she was a fountain.  The more I think about it I am sure it is a lot of fun for her, but it still grosses me out.  Another odd behavior is the pajama wars.  Each night she picks out her pajamas, I put them on her, and then she decides she doesn't want to wear them; she would rather wear a dress.  I tell her dresses are for daytime and pajamas are for bed.  So she picks other pajamas, gets them on and would still rather wear something else.  Then in the morning when I ask her what she wants to wear for the day, she wants to wear pajamas.  Go figure!
Her pallet changes daily.  One day she'll like something and the next day won't have anything to do with it.  This has even happened mid-meal when she is eating something and then decides I don’t like this anymore and it occasionally goes on the floor.  Finally, it appears that the “selective hearing phase” has started.  I will call her name a dozen times and she completely tunes me out.  I have had flash backs to Bill Cosby and his story about Jeffery.  If you have never seen this clip I suggest checking it out and when you have time watch the entire show.  It’s hilarious!!!!!!  *Jeffery* I am a bit disappointed that the selective hearing phase has started so early because from what I understand it last through the teen years….. great!

Although these things may not be as important as something like her first steps or the first time she said my name, they are still very important to me.  They are memories that I lock away in my mind hoping never to forget her facial expressions, the quirky things she says, and the way she makes me feel. The sweetest thing is at night when I'm rocking her to sleep and she looks up at me and says I love you mommy.

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