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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Follow up to Discipline

Here is a follow up to my last post “Discipline”.  A few nights ago Angel was in the bathtub, I usually let her play while I clean up the kitchen.  I heard her in the tub blowing bubbles like a motor boat and said, “Angel don’t drink that water”.   A few minutes went by and I walked into the bathroom and she quickly stood up cheeks bulging, filled with water.  She looked at me and carefully thought what to do since she had been caught.  So she pressed her lips together and shot the water out of her mouth.  She looked like a fountain with blue water (yes it was blue this time) coming out of her mouth forming a perfect arch.  As soon as all of the water was out she looked at me and said. “Hi Mommy”.  It took everything I had not to bust out laughing and grab her up and kiss her for being so cute.  Point for her!  I have to give her kudos for playing the cute card thinking that it would keep her out of trouble.  Which it kind of did.

So the score card reads Mommy 1 Angel 1, and the game continues…………..

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