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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

As my 3rd Mother’s Day approaches I look around at all of the amazing women in my life, most of them are moms but a few are not…..yet. My own Mother continues to amaze me every day with her strength and faith. She has such an extraordinary bond and relationship with Angel, and helps me in more ways than I can say. It pleases me that Angel wants to go to Nana’s house and loves her. I am only slightly bothered when I drop her off in the morning and she glances up from eating her oatmeal to tell me bye.

My sister is sending her youngest daughter off to college this year and has done an excellent job of raising both of her girls. They are both talented, beautiful, and unique in their own way. She and her husband have done a great job of raising them. Each of my friends, that are moms, are remarkable in their own way. They are successful business owners, stay at home moms, working moms, incredible wives, friends, daughters, sisters, and of course mothers. The abilities that these women have, juggling all of their balls in the air in perfect harmony is mind boggling. I have 2 friends who became new mommies this year, and I would like to welcome both of them to the best club in the world. I hope that your first Mother’s Day is memorable. Rejoice in your babies and be thankful that God chose you to be their mother. Our journey has its ups and down and can be difficult at times (especially when you are not getting any sleep), but it is worth every second. 
This includes step mothers that are in blended families.  These women love and accept other children as their own.  If I ever am ever a step mother I hope I embrace this role as well as the women I know, and when Angel gets a step mother I hope she will love her and treat her as her own.

Since Angel isn’t old enough to shop for me, my Mother’s Day gifts are gifts of patience, understanding, and the unconditional love only a mother can know for her child. These are gifts that cannot bought in a store and are usually not learned until you have a child.

To all of my fellow mothers I would like to wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day. May this day be filled with hugs and kisses, macaroni necklaces, handmade cards, and homemade cookies. This is a day to celebrate us, in all that we do and all we put up with, because we deserve it and it’s all worth it!

Randy Travis "Angels"

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