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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Turd in the Park

WARNING! If you find the words turds, poo poo, or potty offensive do not read this blog.

Occasionally, when Angel comes home from her dads she is constipated. I am not sure if this is because of a change in diet or a change in water or both, but it happens.  A few months ago this was the case.  She had gone 2 days without pooping.  I picked her up from my mom’s and Angel asked if we could go on a bicycle ride to the park.  Once we got home and both changed into our play clothes I noticed that she was straining.  I asked her if she needed to go potty and she said, “I poopied in my diaper”.  My thought was finally!  However, when I checked her diaper she had done the smallest pebble poop, nothing to be proud of.  I asked her if she needed to go more and of course she said no.  What kid would rather sit on the pot versus going to the park?

So we went ahead and jumped on the bike and rode to the park.  The bicycle ride was quite enjoyable on this beautiful spring day.  Angel and I sang, pointed out various things along our journey, and I peddled as fast as I could when she would tell me to, “GO, GO, GO!!!!!”  When we got to the park, we were the only people there (this is a very small park in our neighborhood).  I chased her from the seesaw, slide, swings, and monkey bars each time yelling, “I’m going to get you!” as she squealed with delight.   
We were playing at the dome climber monkey bars.  I was inside hanging upside down, because she likes mommy to act like a monkey, and Angel was standing on the outside of them.  I noticed her face turning red so I flipped down and asked her if she was ok.  At first I wasn’t sure what was wrong. When when I saw her little hands gripped tightly around one of the bars and that she had eased up on her tip toes, I knew.  As she stood there barely breathing, straining, and pushing, I coached her telling her it was ok.  I knew this had to be uncomfortable and possibly painful for her. When she was finished and her body had relaxed I looked in her diaper.  In it I saw a big hard turd about the size of a lump of coal.  My initial thought was how could a person this small poop a turd that large?  Then I realized that we were at the park, I had no wipes or diapers or anything else, and she could not sit on this thing the whole way home.  What to do? What to do????  So I did what any good mother would do, I improvised. I looked carefully around the park to see what I could use. Sticks, no, leaves, none big enough, aha! an old icee cup lid was lying by the seesaw.  I waited for a car to pass then I gently pulled her diaper down, held the lid next to her bottom, and the turn rolled in to the lid.  Thank goodness it was hard otherwise it may have fallen through the hole cut at the top.  Once the turd was out of her diaper I chucked it into the woods.  We finished playing and enjoyed our bicycle ride all the way home.
The lesson here is a good parent will always find a way, even if it’s with and icee cup lid!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movie Reviews

In keeping with my, things to do to keep myself busy and from missing my precious Angel while she is gone, list, I have been watching and going to the movies.  Here are a few that I have seen recently.  

The Iron Lady - Meryl Streep's performance was awesome however, I was confused with the constant back-and-forth flash backs, her dead husband, her dementia, and what story was really being conveyed about her?  One good thing was that I had to go back and freshen up on my history to figure out what was actually going on at the time.   

Tinker Tailor Solider Spy - is a mouthful to say and a bit much to watch.  I felt like I watching an old version of The Matrix not knowing what in the world was going on!   I needed a manual to follow this movie.  I don't know what happened because I didn’t finish it.
Out Loud and Incredibly Close – was good.  I thought it was going to be more about September 11th than it was.  It is really about the relationship this boy has with his parents.  The father that he lost and the mother he is left with.  It’s a little long, but in the end not what you are expecting.

The Descendants - was actually really good, and I enjoyed it immensely.  After watching it I thought, what would I do if I were in his shoes?  I can tell you this I would have sold that property as I think most people not in a movie would have done. 

The Avengers – not really my choice and I bet you all can guess what happens.  Here’s a clue….. the good guys defeat the bad guys and win!  I know it’s hard to believe because that storyline has never been done before. 
Last night I went and saw Snow White and the Huntsman.  This movie was long and could have done without a few of the drawn out scenes in the forest.  Kristen Stewart played the same sweet, eye blinking, damsel in distress that was in all the Twilight movies.  Chris Hemsworth made the movie watchable (at least for me ;) as he aided the fierce Snow White to victory over the want-to-be fairest of them all, queen.  The one thing that I got out of this movie is that women will do anything to stay young and beautiful, even kill………

I have tried to stay away from sappy movies that would make me cry or sad but refuse to see any comedy with Sacha Baron Cohen.  I am looking forward to Rock of Ages and of course Magic Mike!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hair twirling and funny stuff

I am a habitual hair twirler. I actually have a section of hair in the back of my head that is 2 inches shorter than the rest of my hair. This is because I twirl it so much that it has all broken off.  I have found that my hair can be used for things other than twirling and sitting atop my head.  Angel loves it when I drape a section of hair across my upper lip giving me a mustache.  I give myself a silly voice and say silly things to her.  Sometimes I will take my hair and attempt to drape it across her lip giving her a mustache, but this isn’t as funny to her as when I do it.  Hair twirling must run in my family as my sister, my niece, and Angel twirl their hair too.  She mostly does it when she is falling asleep or in deep concentration watching a show on Sprout.  At night when I rock her to sleep, if my hair is down, she will grab my hair and twirl it instead of her own, as she slowly falls into sleep.  I love those moments. 
One night I was asleep and heard her on her monitor saying, “Mommy, Help me!  Help me!”   Of course I jumped up ran into her room and found her standing in her bed with her finger stuck in her hair.  She had twirled it so tightly it was in a knot around her finger and she couldn't get it off.  The tip of her finger was starting to turn purple from the blood being held there by her hair.  I quickly untangled the hair from around her finger, scooped her up, and let her sleep with me. 

On a side note I have to admit a funny story about my music reference in the post “Sulking” about Thomas Tallis.

Last week while at dinner with a group of friends we were talking about music and I mentioned Thomas Tallis saying in my most haughty voice, “I recently came across an English composer from the 16th century and find his music very haunting and stimulating.”  I continued telling everyone about the music and even that I thought one of his songs was composed for Queen Elizabeth.  Then a lady at the table who I don’t know that well asked, “Did you get that song out of the book 50 Shades of Grey?”  I guess the look on my face revealed the truth and everyone busted out laughing.  After and explanation to a few of the others about the book, an older guy I would have NEVER thought would read it, blurted out, “I am reading that book and I like it.”  Jeeze is everyone reading this book?  I hope mine is that successful.

11 Days and counting…….

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

Tomorrow is Father's Day, I usually write about my role as a mother, but I also have a profound appreciation for good fathers.  In previous years, it seems like the fathers took a backseat to the mothers, allowing the moms to tend to the children exclusively.  It was the man’s role to provide for the children, but the woman’s job to rear them.  Now days more men are taking an active role in raising their children by being more involved in their lives.  I look out my window and see a father and son working on a baseball pitch, another following behind his daughter as she learns to ride a bike.  These men put their children before themselves which is a sign of a true man.  These children look up to their daddy’s because he is their role model, as he should be.  I have many wonderful fathers in my life from friends, associates, my brother-in-law, my own father and of course Angel’s father.  He is a good dad to her, and I am thankful she has him in her life.  Any man can father a child but it takes a real man to be a daddy. 

Happy Father's Day to my own father and to all the fathers out there, may your day be filled with tacky neck ties, Hawaiian shirts, hand drawn pictures, and lots of love.  You are very special people who have the future looking up to you.  

"A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society."
-- Billy Graham, Christian Evangelist

 "The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother."
-- Theodore Hesburgh, Catholic Priest and President Emeritus of the University of Notre Dame

Sunday, June 10, 2012


I am happy to announce that my blog has had over 15,000 views and has been viewed in over 10 countries!  Thank you all for reading and spreading the word about it.  Follow me on Facebook, Facebook Unexpecting Mommy and follow me on Twitter @ MarieWindsor.  Please feel free to leave comments on this page to tell me how you like my blog and if there is any subject you would like me to write about. 
As always tell your friends! 

Saturday, June 9, 2012


My three-day count down is over.  Now the real countdown begins, from now until the end of July when I get to see my baby girl again. I do have very good news though, her father has agreed to let me see her a weekend in July.  I will look forward to that instead of the end of the month. 
Last night after dropping her off and sobbing incessantly I came home to meet two of my very good friends, Sophia and Lois.  They were there to take me out to dinner and keep my mind off my empty house, and the fact that my daughter is gone for nearly 2 months.
This morning I woke to a dimly lit room, the sounds of a thunderstorm outside my window, and a pacifier underneath my pillow.  I finally drug myself out of bed after laying there for a half hour, my mind racing with the thoughts of the day before.  I got a cup of coffee and looked out my window.  The stormy weather mirrors my emotions and the tears that stream down my face look like rain drops in my reflection. 
I finally got motivated to clean my house.  I had to move the toys, clothes, and dishes which are a constant reminder that she is gone.  I turned on music by Thomas Tallis, which filled my house with haunting sounds of sadness.  My arms already ache to hold her and my lips long to kiss her forehead.  In a surprising twist the scowl between my eyebrows has relaxed because I have no one telling me, “NO!”, “That’s Mine!”, or throwing toys at me.  I will spend the day sulking, crying, and missing her, tomorrow I will pick myself up and move forward as I do after every arduous time in my life. 
Perhaps some good will come out of this, perhaps I will fall in love, perhaps I will rekindle an old friendship, and hopefully I will improve my tennis game and get in really good shape.
Finally, for those of you who don't know Christian Grey (I referenced snuggling up in bed with in my previous blog) is not an actual person.  He is a character in a raunchy book that I probably should not be reading, but I'm doing so from the insistence of my friends. I will admit he's every girl fantasy which makes the book appealing on that level; a young, hot, billionaire obsessed with an ordinary girl.  What girl doesn't want that?  However, there's no guy out there like that.  Mark Zuckerberg is the closest thing we've got and he's now married……and not that hot. 


I do appreciate everyone's thoughts, encouragement, and prayers.  Yes, this is tough, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, right?  So they say.  At least I know that Angel is happy with her father and she is being well taken care of and I'll see her soon. 
Please don’t think that not having Angel around will force me into a writing sabbatical. I have made notes on some funny stories and will be sharing them with you in her absence.  I will also keep everyone up to date on how I’m doing, and if in fact I do find a Christian Grey of my own.

Aint No Sunshine 
Move In The Right Direction 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cruel Summer

3 days. 3 days is the amount of time I have left with my daughter before she leaves for the summer.  I have soaked in every possible second I could with her, rocking her at night a little longer, laying in the bed watching cartoons in the morning, and anything else she has wanted to do.  For those of you who don’t know, Angel leaves this Friday to go to her father’s until the end of July.  I get no visitation during this time.  My hopes to see her at some point during the summer have all been but ignored.  I think about this time last year and how I was dreading this more than anything in my life.  I cried for days before and after she left.  This year I'm bit more prepared.  Although I will miss her terribly I have arranged plenty of things to do to keep myself busy.  Unlike last year I will not be doing boot camp, but I will be working on my physical capabilities.  I signed up for tennis lessons which I will do two nights a week, Pilates lessons which I will also do two nights a week and yoga that I will fill in on off days.  I will be on the search for new house.  I plan on catching up on all the movies I haven't seen lately, and snuggling up with Christian Grey every night in my bed. I have a few things to plan including a couple of trips. I also plan on joining a Bible study group. 
I have even made plans for Friday night so that I won’t come home, pick up her toys and miss her.  Hopefully, all of this will keep me so busy I won’t miss her too much.  HA!  I am sure by the end of the first week I will be having worse withdrawals than a crack head out of crack. 

Guess what she is doing in this picture????  You guessed it, drinking the water!  I guess pool water is just as good as bathtub water.  GROSS!