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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Cruel Summer

3 days. 3 days is the amount of time I have left with my daughter before she leaves for the summer.  I have soaked in every possible second I could with her, rocking her at night a little longer, laying in the bed watching cartoons in the morning, and anything else she has wanted to do.  For those of you who don’t know, Angel leaves this Friday to go to her father’s until the end of July.  I get no visitation during this time.  My hopes to see her at some point during the summer have all been but ignored.  I think about this time last year and how I was dreading this more than anything in my life.  I cried for days before and after she left.  This year I'm bit more prepared.  Although I will miss her terribly I have arranged plenty of things to do to keep myself busy.  Unlike last year I will not be doing boot camp, but I will be working on my physical capabilities.  I signed up for tennis lessons which I will do two nights a week, Pilates lessons which I will also do two nights a week and yoga that I will fill in on off days.  I will be on the search for new house.  I plan on catching up on all the movies I haven't seen lately, and snuggling up with Christian Grey every night in my bed. I have a few things to plan including a couple of trips. I also plan on joining a Bible study group. 
I have even made plans for Friday night so that I won’t come home, pick up her toys and miss her.  Hopefully, all of this will keep me so busy I won’t miss her too much.  HA!  I am sure by the end of the first week I will be having worse withdrawals than a crack head out of crack. 

Guess what she is doing in this picture????  You guessed it, drinking the water!  I guess pool water is just as good as bathtub water.  GROSS!

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