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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hair twirling and funny stuff

I am a habitual hair twirler. I actually have a section of hair in the back of my head that is 2 inches shorter than the rest of my hair. This is because I twirl it so much that it has all broken off.  I have found that my hair can be used for things other than twirling and sitting atop my head.  Angel loves it when I drape a section of hair across my upper lip giving me a mustache.  I give myself a silly voice and say silly things to her.  Sometimes I will take my hair and attempt to drape it across her lip giving her a mustache, but this isn’t as funny to her as when I do it.  Hair twirling must run in my family as my sister, my niece, and Angel twirl their hair too.  She mostly does it when she is falling asleep or in deep concentration watching a show on Sprout.  At night when I rock her to sleep, if my hair is down, she will grab my hair and twirl it instead of her own, as she slowly falls into sleep.  I love those moments. 
One night I was asleep and heard her on her monitor saying, “Mommy, Help me!  Help me!”   Of course I jumped up ran into her room and found her standing in her bed with her finger stuck in her hair.  She had twirled it so tightly it was in a knot around her finger and she couldn't get it off.  The tip of her finger was starting to turn purple from the blood being held there by her hair.  I quickly untangled the hair from around her finger, scooped her up, and let her sleep with me. 

On a side note I have to admit a funny story about my music reference in the post “Sulking” about Thomas Tallis.

Last week while at dinner with a group of friends we were talking about music and I mentioned Thomas Tallis saying in my most haughty voice, “I recently came across an English composer from the 16th century and find his music very haunting and stimulating.”  I continued telling everyone about the music and even that I thought one of his songs was composed for Queen Elizabeth.  Then a lady at the table who I don’t know that well asked, “Did you get that song out of the book 50 Shades of Grey?”  I guess the look on my face revealed the truth and everyone busted out laughing.  After and explanation to a few of the others about the book, an older guy I would have NEVER thought would read it, blurted out, “I am reading that book and I like it.”  Jeeze is everyone reading this book?  I hope mine is that successful.

11 Days and counting…….

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